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Recording MIDI??

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I have a keyboard with MIDI Output, and a Tascam US-122L USB interface box which accepts MIDI input.

LOng story short, I try to record midi, then record another track with my guitar and when I playback, I get no sound for the MIDI.

I do understand that MIDI is nothing other than data, but I've tried a few recording softwares and I thought they would interpret this data and playback the sound.

Any insight here foldsk?

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Hi drabbag,

You have to load a MIDI instrument onto the MIDI track in order for there to be any sound. It's not the recording program itself that plays the MIDI data, but the MIDI instrument that you load onto the MIDI track.

What software programs have you tried? Some of them have MIDI instruments built in that you can assign to MIDI tracks, but others don't and you have to use a plugin called a VST Instruments (VSTi) to play the MIDI data. You can find a lot of free VSTi's from a google search.

Yellow Tools Independence free is a really good free VSTi. It comes with about 2GB of sounds (most of them are drums, but there are other instruments as well).



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