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tempo mapping in Kristal

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Hi guys,

I know I know, im being a pain now, but Im a more of a writer/producer than an engineer so this is totally new.

I basically need to know if there is a way you can get Kristal to tempo map (ie if bar 12 is at 120bpm, and at bar 24 i want to go to 173bpm).

When I went to a proper studio, pro tools allowed the engineer to stop, set a point to record, play from anywhere before hand, and begin recording, at the tempo he set, from the point he marked, and I cant see a way to do this in kristal, which is a pain because my band do metal-core kinda stuff and we constantly switch between 104/113/115/130/164/173/176/193/235 bpm!!! (in fact in one of our songs it switches between about 5 of those!!

So if any body has any ideas on how to do this or perhaps any other suggestions, i would much appreciate it, because I simply cannot fuss around hitting record, cut, not record, and so forth.

Thank you all!

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I don't believe Kristal can do tempo mapping... But just to be sure I consulted with the Kristal online manual and it confirmed it. There is only three mentions of the word "tempo" in the manual and none of them have to do with tempo mapping.

You may want to check out Reaper which does do tempo mapping with tempo markers.

I'm actually still in the process of quantizing some drums for a friend who is recording a metal band (their drummer wasn't used to playing with a click track) and they also have many tempo changes and time signature changes as well. I'm not much into metal, but it's definitely been an interesting experience. ;)


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