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Father Goose

Lookie what the wife got...

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... me for my birthday!

A Craftsman GS-90

Body: Alder, Carved Top

Neck: H. Maple

M/Head: Grover Buttons

Pickups: Zebra pickups

... & a Line 6 Spider II 15W

th_DSCF3029.jpg th_DSCF3025.jpg th_DSCF3037.jpg

... yup I love her!

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Great job on the song:claping:, and congrats on the new gear.

Edit: LOL, I followed the link from Dance On to look ar your gear and posted a response in the wrong spot.

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Revisiting the Craftsman GS-90. A birthday prezzie from the wife a couple of years back ...

I'd do it (& her) a disservice if this wasnt posted. So heres a quick, short tune.

To re-cap, the GS-90 is a simplified version of the Gibbie LP with 1 x vol & 1 x tone control. A 3-way selector switch for the stock bridge and neck ZEBRA humbuckers. Gives out warm, full tones and lots of low end (way too much sometimes!). This geet is more suited for 'old' school rock (think Soundgarden, Nickleback, GNR etc) & fusion, if you really like.


This cut-short tune (Al Di's - Ritmo de La Noche) is recorded direct-to-PC with Reaper through Spider Line-6 15w, using the 'crunch' setting. My 'guitar hero' from way back then.

I'm still dissecting the rest of the tune & progressing at snails pace.

So far, it doesnt look like I'm getting anywhere near there :(

BTW, if you got TABs for this, i'd appreciate the help.

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