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Best Video and Audio setup-YouTube???

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I'm currently using the Logitech Pro 9000, along with a Tascam US-122L interface box and two MXL condenser mics.

Here is a sample song...

I'm not really liking the lag of the my camera, or lack of control using the mics. I'm currently looking for alternative solutions on how to record better video, and allow more audio control.

The Tascam does allow me to control the volume levels of the mics seperately, and the Logitech allows me to use this as the audio source, but its just too laggy. I might need to go with a nicer video camera(not a computer cam) but in which case I'll have to find a way to pipe the output of my Mics (from the Tascam) into the Video camera, and they mostly have 1/8" single inputs.

I'm not at home but I'm pretty sure the Tascam allows me to output using 1/8".

How could I add reverb and things like this though?


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Hi Drabbag, no expert here but from my own observations I haven't seen that many quality music videos done with the computer camera, not saying it isn't possible, just that I haven't seen all that many.

As to your recording issues, you should be able to adjust to suit your desires through what-ever editing program you use. I use Adobe Audition and can import my video into one track and audio onto another and line them up, add effects via the use of Vst's, cut and paste or any other editing wishes and then export the completed project.

My suggestion would be to see if you can set-up your editing application to allow your mic's to record directly to their own track{s} and by-pass using the logitech as the audio source, then if you have the option available, import your video and line it and your audio takes until satisfied. But, I'm not all that familiar with pc cameras so take that into consideration, as I may be missing the mark with this.

Myself, I have an older analog handheld camcorder{cheap, on the "sell" sites nowadays} and I use a converter{Plextor ConvertX} to change the format to digital. Hope this offers a little insight and I'm sure those with more knowledge will be along to offer more precise advice.

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