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Do Yourself a Favour

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Do you want to understand what you are playing?

Do you want to be able to use the whole fretboard?

Do you want to learn to improvise and create some real music?

Yeh yeh, all the standard stuff eh, and I think we would all say Yes to these.

The key question (imho)........

Are you prepared to practice?

If yes, (in the words of a famous Aussie music icon) 'Do Yourself a Favour' and buy the book.......No! don't just buy the book, buy the DVD too (it's a must - the book explains the method - the DVD shows you how to apply it)! And don't forget the forum. Look at it as a total package!

And as for the presentation of information, I tried to learn some theory before and just couldn't get a grasp of it. Kirks way of presenting make it sound so simple.

After a few year mucking about with the guitar, I got totally frustrated and gave up for 15 years. What a mistake! The only reason I have my current day job is because I didn't have this information way back then.

Did I turn into Knopfler overnight (or even Dave Gilmour)...Absolutely not (I wish). I am practicing very hard. What I can say is armed with this information I have improved out of sight in the past 12 months, and having a ball in the process.

If you don't want to practice, buy a few good CD's instead and listen to someone who has (wrote that with 'tounge in cheek' in case anyone wondered):eek:

One serious point. The real reason I bought PlaneTalk was because I got so much value out of GFB&B with all the free lessons, I thought the least I could do was throw Kirk a few bucks for the book. To go and get a few lessons would of cost me heaps more. I got way more than I expected and it has totally changed my approach to learning this instrument. So if you want to learn to play and you are already getting a great benefit from all the free stuff Kirk gives you here....give it a go.

good luck with it



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