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Dang! I need to slow down that song!

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I'm sure there are audio editors out there that have the capability of slowing down tunes so you can learn a lead or catch that weird chord you've been trying trying to figure out. Sometimes it can be a convoluted process. But....... :)

Here's an Open Source stand-alone piece of software called "Best Practice" that is about the best I've seen and heard.

You can slow down your tune, change pitch and remove vocals to get to those hard to reach places.

BestPractice, an open-source audio time-stretching tool for Windows




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He He! Now none of you fingerpicking experts will be safe - all your fancy picking patterns can be revealed :yeahhh:

Thanks Les. It has a Karaoke tab which didn't do anything to the sound - I naively hoped it would take out the vocal, but it must be for something else.....

It would be interesting to know what people picked for their first trial run. It was difficult to choose, but I went for Eddiez's Will the Circle Be Unbroken. :winkthumb: - Jomi is next!

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That's great Les. I downloaded it and it seems to work very well. Now there goes another excuse down the drain for not learning how to play lead guitar! :)


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