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How much would my amp sell?

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The music stores around here won't take my amp for a trade in, and even this one store does do tradeins, they don't have the amp I like and they don't carry it. I'm thinking of buying a Randall RG75. I guess I"m going to have to sell my current amp. And my current amp, a VOX AD15VT I've had for 1 and a half years (thats how long Ive playing) and its in pretty much perfect condition. No stickers, nothing was ever spilled on it, just abit of dust which I can clean up.

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You won't get that much in trade in value. You'll get $70 tops in trade-in value. That is how guitar shops make good profits. They give nothing on trade-ins. Your best bet is to put it on craigslist or ebay.

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