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Saving files to import into Reaper

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I have been trying out Music Creator 4, but have ran into problems with it crashing once I imported Jamstix. I use PowerTracks as well, but it doesn't support Jamstix. I believe Jamstix works fine in Reaper.

I have a project I have been working on that I would like to open in Reaper to try it out. How can I save the files in MC 4 for I can access all the tracks for editing in Reaper? Is this possible? Currently they are saved as a cakewalk bundle file.



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Well, if I understand you corectly..

You save whole project in one bindle file... this way you can not acces wav files...

instead, you can either

export one by one track


"save as" plain .CPR file. Meanig, just project file not bundle (in that case MC4 put waves in some folder and you can acces them from that folder)

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