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I need some advise guys!

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I decided to get a epiphone masterbuilt EF500RCCE used for 500$. I put it on layaway with 50$ at daddys junky music. The guitar sells new for 700$ with the new pickup system Esonic2 which includes a case bag. The older model which I am going to purchase is 500$ which to me is overpriced. I am ready to walk out of this deal if the sales guy doesnt drop the price to 400$ and throwing in a free gig bag, but I'm afraid that because I put a layaway they are unable to refund my layaway money. since there is a 30 day term.

Now the back of the reciet says satisfaction garantee or a refund within 15 days. worst comes to worst, I will buy it and then return it for my full refund.

Now my question will be, Will they refund my layaway?

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I would approach them with a friendly voice and say "I made a mistake. May I have my money back. That should work. And then thank them for their trouble.


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It depends on their policy. However, like you said, you can buy the guitar, and return it for a refund. Remember though, they have the option of a restocking fee which could end up costing you anywhere from $50 - $75...so if you're thinking of backing out on it, you need to consider that you could be out $50 over haggling for a discount and a case. Just my $.02

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