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A mate is trying to sell me a BC Rich Platinum Series Mockingbird

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I want to learn to play guitar.

I originally thought of getting an Ibanez (The ibanez in question h t t p :// w w w. guitarampkeyboard . com /en/71827) and was eventually disuaded by some mates because they reckoned it would sound awful to learn on because it's more metal orientated (I want to play metal mainly).

After nothing really coming of it for a while, my mate then offered to sell me his BC Rich Platinum Series Mockingbird (Black. The colour of HEAVYMEEEETAL :laughingg:) and some random little starter amp for about £150.

h t t p:// w w w. musiciansfriend . com/ product/B.C.-Rich-Platinum-Series-Mockingbird-Electric-Guitar?sku=510802

Is it worth it? Should I get the Ibanez? Should I get something different?

PS: Had to put spaces in links because I have less than 5 posts.

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Considering they go for around 600 bucks that is a heck of a deal or is that just for the amp?

Keep in mind that they are awkward to play seated if that is how you spend most of your time playing. Metal guitar players tend to favour the 24 fret guitars and this is a 22 so look at the kind of music you want to play. Using all 24 frets isn't that common so it is not a big consideration in my opinion.

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I don't know a lot about the BC guitars, it has some good reviews and some not so good reviews but I agree with Allthumbs about the price, that's quite a good deal, there's one on Ebay at the moment with a couple of dents in it with a starting price of £99 and a buy it now of £200 so your friend is offering a fair price, I steer clear of ones with damage as you don't really know how it's happened or how hard they've been banged. Check your mates guitar over and ask him about the set up if you're interested in buying it and get him to play it for you. Also have a go yourself and see if it feels right for you, it is always preferable to try guitars out if you can especially when you're starting out, it's no fun having a guitar you can't get on with it can turn the whole learning process into a bit of a nightmare so it's important to make sure it's the right one for you, If you've got an Ibanez dealer near you or any guitar store it's always worth going along to try a few other guitars out you might find the perfect guitar for you and it's not always the one you went in to look at.

There are members here such as hermanli_ibanezshredder who know a lot about Ibanez guitars who will be able to advise you on the Ibanez guitar, it would probably suit you if you want to play metal as it's aimed at that type of player, it really depends on how much cash you want to spend. If you buy the Ibanez you'll have to buy an amp but you might have to buy one if you buy the BC so there probably won't be a big difference in the amount you have to spend.

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Cheers for the advice lads.

I was 'playing' (Loose use of the term) it on Saturday morning (was still abit pissed from the night before) and I liked the feel of it.

And yeah, it's £150 for the package.

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