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Ok Guys , Help Me Out Here Please

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This is all new to me. Follow this: So I get this little cheezy 10 buck PC mic at PC City. Plug it into the computer, ok ? cool. There's this sorry little thing on the computer that I came across called a sound recorder. Sooooo, I grab my acoustic and record....I get 1 minute recording time...which is probably all ya can bear to hear anyway, I'm new to acoustic and still feel like I'm playing a washboard.

Now I save the recording, go to post it on here, it's in WAV only.

Then the religious moment happens, I read a thread about a free download called Audacity, so I load it, record a little something and save it in my documents.

With me?...sorry for all this ..now I go to post it, see it's also a WAV..so I find a drop down window that says export to MP3. Go and do that, then it tells me I can't do that without having (lame:dll?), which by the way is how I'm feeling about now.

Now I get another window, with this LAME highlighted in blue and below it says MP3 file. It's asking to locate this file I believe. I search in documents, C drive, my computer etc...it's not there....what gives? I'm really getting frustrated here.

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go back to the Audacity download site, you'll see where there is a download link for the .dll..........you have to download it to somewhere you'll know where it is (create a new folder)..then when you get that window asking where the .dll is....you'll know where it is.

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