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Electric Guitar in an apartment???

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Ah yes, the comfort factor. But I've gotten used to using earphones because that was the most i could use. I just bought the ear plug type today, and even my Ipod sounds alot better with them. And I don't have to turn up as loud.

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Sorry for the thread jack. Just figure it's easier to ask my question here than start a new thread.

I'm moving into an apartment in two weeks. Right now I have a 50W tube amp and was wonder if I should invest in a smaller practice amp. My landlord says he prides himself on nice quiet buildings and my amp gets pretty loud even before the 9 o clock point on the volume knob.

Can you play your current amp at an acceptable volume level for that kind of environment? If not, a small practice amp would probably be a good idea. Some "big" amps can be played at those levels, while others just get too thin sounding and lose all their tone.

Even a 5-watt tube amp will be too loud for an apartment if you crank it up. If I lived in an apartment, I'd definitely have a small solid-state amp with a headphone jack for practice. You can either play at whisper levels through the external speaker or plug in your headphones and crank it until your ears are bleeding.....either way you'll be avoiding the wrath of your neighbors and an eviction notice from your quiet-loving landlord.

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Right now I go to the basement to play with an amp because even the new earphones don't get such a good sound quality. If I must play upstairs in my room, I play with no amp and I tie a piece of cloth (my instructor refers it as the 'table wiping rag') on the neck to dampen some of that extra sound.

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