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'Sirius' practice

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Coincidental with a recent thread about simply practicing in the comfort zone, I boldly tried something new. Dish TV has Sirius radio on it, and there's one channel that plays only the old (50's and 60's, mostly) country songs. So while the wife was gone, I cranked it up and played along.

The goals were: keeping a constant tempo, strumming appropriately, determining the key, playing the correct chords, playing the common technique of: bassnote (E string)/strum/bassnote (A string)/strum, and playing some melody.

When there were too many chords, I played either bass only or made semi-successful attempts at melody-picking.

It was surprising how many of the oldies are in Bb or Eb. Also a few changed keys as the song progressed, usually in half-tone higher modulations.

Anyway it was something different for a change, not the same old thing. :smilinguitar:

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It's a neat way to practice. You actually end up branching out and learning new things, even if it's just figuring out the chord progressions of different songs.

I rarely watch television, but on the occasional evenings I join the wife on the couch for a little mindless viewing, I always have a guitar with me. I noodle along to commercials, the theme songs for programs, etc. It's usually much more interesting than the programs themselves. :yes:

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American Idol was on last night with the top 12 guys. It was 60s night, each had to sing a song that was popular in the 60s.

Well, even though I didn't start playing until '69, I still knew about 5 of them and it drove her nuts when I quietly played along with each one. "How can you do that!!?? You haven't played that stuff in over 25 years!" She can play piano, but only by reading the music. I learned songs by ear back then, so they seem to stick better.

The songs I didn't know how to play, I still remembered and named before the first 5 notes were played. That really tweaks her, too!

Fun night for me, both playing along as well as teasing the wife! :winkthumb:

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