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For sure! It will be another week most likely before I receive the guitar...

Shonie quick question though, how does your RM300DX sound acoustically? (Not plugged in?) Does it sound limp, or does it have any sort of tone to it?

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I never played my Raven unplugged. If I don't feel like plugging anything in, I usually just pick up my acoustics, my 6 string Guild or one of my 12 strings.

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Yes sir! It only took nearly a month of negotiating, getting sick, crashing my car, being unable to drive, not being able to sleep...waiting for my Seymour Duncan pickups to arrive and having to ship them to Eric (owner of Ravenwest) before actually getting my hands on the guitar.

But it was totally worth every penny, and every minute I waited :yes:

I must admit; for those of you who (like me) read those reviews about Eric being an asshole, or a jerk of any sort - I have NO idea how someone could have perceived him that way (unless they were rude in the first place towards Eric.)

Eric was extremely kind, patient, helpful and really generous in dealing with me over phone calls and through emails (although it did feel like he only checked his emails once a day. But that was not a problem for me - since I could reach him anytime over the phone.)

He shipped my guitar with my installed SD Alnico II Pro pickups in a really nice TWL Case (that I purchased for +$99) - but he forgot to include the stock pickups (which came today :winkthumb: ) he shipped those to me right after the weekend (monday) and they arrived today (tuesday) - no questions asked other than a "sorry! I have your old pickups wrapped and forgot to include them!!! I'll ship them as soon as possible" which was fine with me... He even included a really nice redline (I think it was?) cable with my guitar - a really nice, lengthy, durable and nylon-style cable with gold plated tips... It was a nice surprise. :)

As for TONE... Its OFF THE HOOK! Just a few weeks back I went amp shopping and picked up a Blackstar HT-5 Mini-stack with two 10" Celestion speakers...and man, that thing ROCKS!!! Its an amazing studio/practice/home amp. It even has the emulated out port for 4x12 and 1x12 for headphones or direct recording.

The RM300DX looks amazing, and with these pickups (not sure how to compare em' with the stock ones since I haven't heard them...but now they are sitting on my shelf...lol) that guitar just blows me away. I can hear Slash through my Blackstar :thumbup: ...The only problem is my skills are FAR from anything close to "great" or perhaps even "good" haha. :guitardude:

Playing some Sweet Child O' Mine on the bridge pickup with some distortion on my amp...and I feel like I'm at a guns n' roses concert. :claping:

As with others though - the only downside is the weight of the guitar. It's HEAVY, but i'm getting used to it and for the looks, the playability, and the tone with my pickups (which cost as much as the guitar lol) It is freakin' amazin!

Unfortunately my job and my car accident has been holding me back from being able to play it much, let alone my acoustics. :crying2:

Oh and here's me just goofin' around while my brother had the camera in his hand...Shortly after I put a strap on the guitar so I could actually hold it and play it. lol.


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cool, sounds like you got a keeper eh?

The Raven is a very heavy guitar. My Raven far out weights my Les Paul Studio.

When can we hear a sound clip?:winkthumb:

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