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Tommy Emmanuel, What brand of guitar does he play on?

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Yes...Maton guitars, Australian made...

It's a very nice axe...

I've tried one i Denmark on a gig...

Highly recomended:smilinguitar:

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His favourite electric guitar brand though is definitely Fender. Especially the Telecaster!

Yes, he was interviewed on ABC2's 'The Guitar Show' (Australia) this morning absolutely raving about his love of the Telecaster and its versatility.

I've only ever heard him play acoustic so now I'll to search for an album where he plays electric.

EDIT Found a couple of vids on YouTube:

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The Guitar Show is great! Hope we taped it this week.

Was cool to see Brett Garsed, John Farnham's guitar guy the other week. Finally got to see how some of those solos were done. He's incredible too.

If you're into Tommy Emmanuel, he's got a newish instructional DVD out which is fantastic. Talks about Chet Atkins, practicing, etc. I used to wish Tommy would screw up just once to prove he was human, but after watching that DVD I reckon he's practiced so much that if he made an error he'd just keep going and you'd never know he'd done it.

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Wow! Yes, that seems to be the guy. He's an awesome player. Does slide too. I always wondered how he did "Two Strong Hearts" solo. It's one I always rewind and listen to a few times.:smilinguitar: The Guitar Show had him playing it.

YouTube - Two Strong Hearts (starts 2:06)

This is the coolest I've ever seen Tommy play:

YouTube - Early Tommy Emmanuel - Determination not the fastest or most demanding, but the most feeling.

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