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Our University song

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Thanks for rescuing

My poor lost post

I'm not sure it was worth it

It melted away like a ghost

Yes, you are hardy in England

With so many trials to bear

The frost, the rain, the sleet and the snow

No sign of the sun, it is never there

I remember the feel of freezing sleet

Hitting your face as you cycle to school

Freezing cold hands, fingers, and feet

And 'Stiff upper lip' is the Golden Rule.

It wasn't for me

I got out when I could

To sunshine and light

That decision was good.

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Ring a ring of roses

Pocket full of posies

Thorns to prick your fingers

Scent to fill your noses

Rich man, poor man

Beggar-man, thief -

Too many Indians

Not enough chiefs

Cross your fingers,

Hope to die

I told a lie

And I don't know why......

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One whole month has already gone

Since last I wrote a rhyme

I'm feeling just a bit rusty

But I'll see if I can dream up a line

Should I make a confession?

Should I dream up a terrible tale?

Now, I've got an irresistible urge

To rhyme that line with a whale


Jonah went down to the sea in boats

He sailed both far and wide

One day he fell right over the side

And drifted away on the tide

Before he knew it, he was gobbled right up

By the biggest whale you ever saw

He kicked and screamed and complained a lot

So the whale coughed him up on the shore.

How did I do? Will that do for today?

I think I need a lot more practice

Oh yes, I haven't played guitar for a month

That's my confession, you may boo and hiss.

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Our University Song has lost its voice

With a deathly hush for more than a year

It got really lonely just plugging away

It needs new voices to debut here

Or maybe some of the old crew will sing?

- I saw this morning a Comment from Knight!

I thought you were long gone, you errant knave

How's your armor? Still shiny and bright?

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Procrastination is a wonderful thing

I’ve been doing it a lot, even though it is Spring (damn, there’s that rhyming couplet again!)

My current challenge is doing my Tax

I can’t seem to settle and just ‘get it done’

I find any excuse - I’ve really been lax

Today I’ve been tidying, doing the wash

I found an old esky which needed a clean

Then I met Eddy, and we started to chat

He plays guitar!! - for a strum buddy was keen

So I brewed up more coffee, and found my guitar….

His guitar was ‘tuned’ to somewhere near D

So I adjusted my Tanglewood, and he started to sing…


‘Cos it covered the ‘sounds’ that were coming from me

So….2 hours later and still no Tax done

I still must phone Phyllis, then make some more tea

With luck, that'll be evening, and time to start cooking

Then maybe some tele, then it‘s bedtime for me….

Yes, procrastination is a wonderful thing

But getting my tax done? Err… just one more of my sins.

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My guitar's off to the menders

A posh shop with Gretsches and Fenders

It's not quite a star, it's a Yamaha

But the shop said it doesn't offend us

It needs new machine heads, saddle, pegs

A polish, a clean, as I've treated it mean

They don't think that's funny but said it's ok

They can rebuild it and make it like new

It will cost some money, more than it's worth

But it's an old friend so deserves a rebirth.

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Hi there old mate!

Glad you dropped by

Your post has inspired me

To give rhyming one more try...

I finally finished my tax today

It has taken me ages

It's a new software app

It has hundreds of pages

"Over one hundred thousand, sir?"

You've got to be joking!

But every new question

Requires prodding and poking

You must read what it says

Before saying 'No'

And where you say 'Yes'

There are new pages to go

Then you get near the end

And the software... it crashes!

You wonder where your life went

You see past life in flashes

You think, "$%^#@ this for a lark!

I'm off to bake chips"

They are good for the soul

(Although not good for the hips)

By then you're past caring

You just want to get it done

So you flash through the software

And you think you have won...

Then up pops a screen saying

"You still have this that's not done"

Then finally, yes finally, you get to the end

But by then you've gone crazy

And gone right round the bend....Aaah!

Yamaha's can be good

My first one turned into a pudding

Sound-wise that is,

Too much stretching and pulling (for the rhyme, sort of)

So I gave it away - yes I'm generous like that -

I tried to throw in (he he!) my old enemy, the cat

But the guy was too smart for me

Said, 'Free pudding guitar is one thing

But please don't give me that cat!'

And so she lives on

Despite my scheming and spells

What a shame they filled with bricks

All the old local wells.

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Where to begin?

It's been a long time since when,

Some friends have left us

Others have passed on -

I remember them still

And sometimes, in song...

I'm forgetting to rhyme

But it somehow feels 'right'

Perhaps it's in the timing

The rhythm, the sentiment...

I seem to be feeling

Just a tiny bit sad

But it's just that I miss them

And wish they were here

To rhyme and to jest with

And give us good cheer

Is there anybody out there?

Are there still stairways to heaven?

Or smoke signals drifting

On the waters of time?

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Who’s the cleverest gal around?

Easy! It’s our very own Clancy of course,

Once again, she’s done us proud

OK, there’s been a bit of a pause

But absence makes our hearts grow fonder

I’ve heard that said, and know we know

It’s true - ‘cos now, we pause to ponder

How no GFB, just would not flow:

No online comrades, friends and mates

Making songs with balding pates (he he, … you know who you are)

Expanding waistlines, dwindling minds

Buying guitars, and being kind

To guys and gals who ‘have a go’

And sing their hearts out, even though

Voices crack and fingers fumble

And some, like Paul, who took a tumble

Riding bikes and sundry exploits

When age dictates a game of Quoits

More suited to their ag-ed limbs

While resting with a glass of Pimms

Watching Tele and strumming chords

Dreaming of knights and time-lord swords

Rip killer solos to frighten neighbours

Doing old ladies, sundry favours

Happy to sit and muse with pleasure

The joys of GFB at leisure

We sing the praises of our gal Clancy

Not just the basics, but all things fancy…

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How'do Carol, my favourite Gal

from the land down under, my songwriting Pal

i'm sorry to hear of the things making you sad

your last post more positive, makes me Glad

it's been a while, maybe too long

let's put our heads together n write a song

maybe Good maybe bad, it's all subjective

to have some fun is the only directive

Our flow may be a wee bit dusty

rhythm n rhyme a wee bit rusty

but that won't stop us having a crack

cos thanks to Clancy, the forum's back


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Hey old mate, my Scottish chum

It's true, that now I'm not so glum

Writing songs is always fun

Any ideas? or should I search

My notebook scraps for something worth

Your time and skills so far above

My own poor efforts, (mostly bluff)

I know you like a bit of luV

Happy endings and all that stuff

But also with a social conscience

And have to some degree a penchant (oo la la!)

For keeping it ruff, (in the nicest way :) )

I'm up for a colab, what do you say?

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The first one I found was really old

Can't remember if I've already told

This story of man, and love, before

Written way back in days of yore (when was that, officially?)

The story sings of love triumphant

Fair clumps along with chorus thumpant :wacko:

An anthem praising, 'Love beats all'

I'll post in collabs, catch you later, Paul.

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Bubble baths are much over-rated

Bubbles are cold ‘n you get over-hydrated

Skin goes all pruney, & you can’t see your knees

Stay there too long and your toes start to freeze

Can’t ever find your rubber ducky

And the perfume pong turns out to be yukky

Lose the soap, and it’s gone forever

’n it’s no good at all when you bathe together... :unsure:

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This Thread suddenly channeled me today!

It was not easy going, ‘cos this thread’s nearly died

Last post’s early this year, some time around May!

So, it was difficult to breath, but I struggled and tried

And that May post was a one-off - an attempted Resus

Which ran out of puff, in a couple of days

So I thought it was time to climb back on the bus -

I checked on the stats, and to my surprise

This thread’s still averaging 15 views per day

Even though posting rates have sadly demised.

The record number was 190 views in one day -

That was back then, when there were rhymers a-plenty

Bending their brains and rhyming News of Their Day

Chris, Kenny, and Knight, plus sundry cognoscenti (yeah, I looked that rhyme up)

But they, like me now, have other needs for their time

So I thought I’d give my rhyming, a bit of a boost

And post a new post here, with a new set of lines

Perhaps out in the ether, some lost rhymers might hear me

And have a go at rhyming, or just say hello

Rhyming is good for the soul, so they tell me

So I know you are out there, just twiddling your capo -

Practice lyric-rhyming here - by having a go,

Post here -

It doesn’t have to be perfect, so there is nothing to fear.


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Writing lyrics is no easy game
Thousands of words, each one to tame
Sometimes they fall exactly in place
And sometimes they die, right in your face

Build three boxes for your ideas to blend
A beginning, a middle and of course, one for the end
Use this template to write your tale
Start to finish but follow the trail

Write what you feel for your first draft
Don't worry or critique, that will come last
Keep writing until you've had your say
And then the fun starts, you get to play

Now when you are ready to craft your stanza
Wordsmithing its called, and here's the bonanza
Get out the thesaurus and your book of rhymes
Start playing with words and soon they will chime

Yes, I know, there's bridges and things
Internal rhymes and rhythms to swing
But to keep your audience inside the song
Build up the chorus so they sing along

The title and chorus go hand in hand
They are a mountain in the middle of land
Verses are roads that lead to top
The chorus is where the view never stops

There is no key to unlock a song
Every thing is right and nothing is wrong
And if you think you have failed, you're about to be told
You got to dig through the dirt to get to the gold



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Out of the ether, springs a rhymer of old!

How deftly he rhymes all his song-writing tips

He gives info and knowledge so expertly told

Wrangling each word, until every one fits

How are you, old mate?

I hope you are well

Haven’t heard from you lately

How’s it going? Do tell

For those who don’t know,

This guy’s one of the greats

He twangs & he jangles

From morning ‘till late

All round the planet

He sets hearts a-flutter

With his words and his songs,

Never failing to utter

Words of wisdom and heart

With a voice sound and true

His playing’s a marvel

And his singing is too


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Our dear leader's birthday

Has hove into sight

And I thought that occasion

Inspired me to write

A Happy Birthday message

To Kirk from all us pluckers

Both Ancient and Modern

(Plus some layabout suckers :))
Who've all had the pleasure

To chat over the years

In this Forum while learning

To tune up our ears

So Happy Birthday Kirk

And best wishes to Clancy

Long may you twang

And as for your presents...

I hope you get what you fancy.


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I popped in today

To see what was up

It’s sad for me to see

How the Forum’s dried up

I see some old faithfuls

Like 6string and windsong

Mset, even tinsmith

Who we’ve known for so long

I see some new young guns

Starting out on their way

To fame and to fortune

Once they learn how to play,

Join a rock band, ‘n get married

Put guitars to one side

Till their kids need a lullaby

‘N they can play one with pride

I wonder if Simon (mod)

Still lurks in the heather

Keeping kids safe and warm

In that awful Scottish weather

I wonder if Paul has still got his job

If he’s playing in a band

And he still has his dog

Do you think he’s crashed his car yet

Or fallen off his bike?

Or met a girl, and got married

You never know, he just might!

Chris (starsailor) is busy

Helping old people grow,

Into people they once dreamed of

Once their creativity flows

Is Windsong still in Japan

With his wife and his kid(s)?

Is Les still playing nightly

Or maybe, got a better gig?

Who can forget Gasbag

(I very nearly did!)

Roaring on his Harley

On his way to a gig

As for 6string…well…

There’s not a lot I can say -

Still watching the Hockey

And football players play?

Always quick with a Comment

(And sometimes they’re funny :))

Will do anything, I heard,

For a bucket full of money

Here’s to the survivors

And the new members too

Keep twanging and strumming

Till it sounds good…to you!


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Nutty came back our way today

It’s been a long long while

Since some oldies came to play

‘Oldies’ as in members

It doesn’t matter what age

If anyone has forgotten

Just check this University Page


Oops I’ve forgotten how to rhyme -

Haven’t written songs for years

Who knows where the time went

But that’s no excuse for tears


As usual, I have a confession

But this time it’s for real

Haven’t played guitar in a long time

Somehow didn’t have the feel


See? My rhymes have gone to porridge

I’ve forgotten all my knowledge

To songsters I bow in homage

But me, I’ve hit a stoppage…


This is ridiculous - I need a cup of tea and a good lie down.

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