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Our University song

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Chris’s lines in curvy waves

Inspired me so, that I did crave,

Something wet, and I did dash

To the pool to make a splash

Swimming here and swimming there

Up and down without a care.

Kiddies saw and looked askance

At my reckless, swift advance

Then they laughed and had such fun

Never had they seen someone

Quite as old or so decrepit -

They didn't give me any credit.

‘Oy, who’s that old decrepit person

Causing us to make diversion?’

Never had they seen someone

Exemplify The Power of One

With quite the vigour and the flair

Of me when I’m without a care.

Ha! How I made them eat their words!

I could beat that bunch of nerds -

Just when they thought I couldn’t match’em

I showed no wish to even catch’em

Instead, I raced them to the tiles –

And beat them by at least two miles!

The moral of this tale of fiction

Is, kids should watch their speech and diction

Kids can come an awful cropper

If they can’t, or won’t talk proper.


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I can't compete with these two Ladies

Maybe I should try

But then again, I might just sit here

Give the occasional sigh

I would try to have a go

But fear I'd tempt the fates

If I even tried to match

These two Lady Laureates

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I to agree StarSailor

I feel quite undermanned

My poetry is not up to par

My prose would be truly panned

I think that I will quietly sit

And contemplate this verse

And hope that when I add somemore

It will not make matters worse

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Carol, it's not fair play

To change my name in such a way

Just so you could make a rhyme

But I'll forgive this one time

You see it is not Aunt Dotty

That has an extra "T"

The correct pronunciation you see

Is pronounced like this......Dough tee!!!

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Come on guys sit up straight

don't let women set your fate

yes indeed they are quite good

but they don't own the neighborhood

if you feel they out wrote you

take a different point of veiw

think about it you may find out

we as guys have as much clout

one says dough tee hee we can shape

the other swam across the lake

I won't give up our newly found ship

stand tall as men thats my tip

and if the day comes that we lose

we'll drown our sorrows in some booze

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Oh I see, it's Dough - tee

So it rhymes with goatee

Or even that flea

Who dropped in for tea.

And dough as in bread -

What a wonderful thread

This has turned out to be

It quite fills me with glee!


I'm feeling forlorn

If you think rhymes are born

To the feminine gender

Who must wear a suspender

In order to render a rhyming or two

That's not better than you

But a manifestation

Of brain infestation

With things silly and daft

That's spills out in first draft.

It's been my experience

It's not the appearance

Of the writer that matters

But the practice with patter.


I know you guys have plenty of clout

Please have a go at another bout

'Up and at'em' is my advice -

No that's not right - to slice and dice

Is not the metaphor to choose

If friendships we don't want to lose.

This merry thread is not a war

(Perhaps I've made this point before?)

The aim is not to be a winner

But write something that is a grinner

Or if its serious words you crave

Or everybody's soul to save

Just step up and have a go

Round here there's no such thing as 'NO'.

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I was being mischievous

I'm a very naughty man

I didn't contemplate a backfire

It wasn't in my plan

A battle of the sexes

Won't exist from here on

Sorry if I meandered

Didn't mean to fan the flame

Starsailors in the brig today

Hanging his head in shame

Thinking of a poem

Just to pass the time away

A Sailors Poem

An old sailor he sat in the brig

In isolated misery

And wondered if it suited him

This life upon the sea

He'd sailed to Morocco

Smoked Hashish in Kathmandu

Sipped Absinthe with Parisians

Read books in Timbuktu

Found love in Casablanca

Ate Sushi in Japan

Prayed in Hindu Temples

Braved Swells around the Horn

Trekked across the Gobi Desert

And Haggled in Sudan

In Uruguay he danced a Tango

In Ireland danced a Jig

But it all seemed unfulfilling

With time to think in the Brig

No more would he travail

Sail the seven seas

He'd retreat back to Cornwall

And just write poetry

Time for contemplation

Unravels mysteries

Sometimes a man

He cannot see

The wood for the trees

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You guys and gals are amazing:clap:

I remain forever in awe:salute:

The skills you possess

Are to me quite the best

While mine I'm afraid are quite raw.:blush:

For a battle of wits

I'm defenseless

I find myself at a loss

Humor was my only intention

I never meant to make anyone cross:winkthumb:

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Oh the joy

That is this thread

I'm so impressed

With what I've read

This happy band

Of lyric lovers

Bound by words

Like Sisters and Brothers

If we continue

On our quest

With words of thought

And words of jest

We should attract

A Fame of sort

Other people

Will join our throng

As this thread

Continues on

Hail to thee

Thy noble scribes

Write on, write on

To eternity

Write in Song, poem or prose

Follow the thread

Wherever it goes


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I feel your joy, my Brothers and Sisters

As we play with words and rhymes

And even though my brain has blisters

I feel these are the best of times.

Chris your poem's excellent

Took me back to youthful days

When my life was always spent

Searching for that road less travelled

Looking for those hidden ways

Learning how all others lived

Saw how sometimes lives unravel

And life can be as hard as gravel

Many people don't have money

And then your life is not so funny.

Oh the joy of Kathmandu

To have that place called Timbuktu

To rhyme with when there are so few

(I believe that there are only two)

And even fewer are Hindu.

And though they both are rather ancient

They're blessed with that great gift of patience

Life is hard there, and full of woe

I've been to both, that's how I know.


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I did quite like my swimming ditty

To waste it would have been a pity

I thought I'd turn it into song

And even though its rather long

It's in that great songwriting forum

(I really hope it doesn't bore'em)

I think I'm taking quite a risk

In case our members say 'Tsk, Tsk'

As now the world will see it plain -

That I've come off my meds again!

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I've been quite busy today and had no time

To check this thread and think of a rhyme,

But I found I just couldn't rest, until I read

To see what my lyrical friends had said,

I was out practicing with the band

To keep our sounds from being bland

We picked and grinned and planned a show

Just in case someone ask us to play.....you know!

So now I've read all this thread,

I'll check Carol's song and I'm off to bed!

Guys, don't feel bad, I've been thinking that ya'll are great!!

Oops............to tired to think of any more rhymes!!!

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What makes you smile

in your day to day life

what turns my dial

for one I'd say my wife

Another is the sun

warming thru the glass

after mowings done

the aroma of cut grass

Dogs at my feet

resting without care

something good to eat

wafting in the air

Sweet sounding music

of a favorite tune

even something basic

like the light of the moon

What makes you smile

could you make a list

all things worthwhile

that make you feel kissed

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I'll have a go, and make a list -

But right now, its time for dinner

Hunger pains they do insist -

They're so strong I can't resist

So this time, they come out the winner.


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Rhyming couplets are quite easy

Too much though can make you queasy

My strongest pull is from the limerick

Which also makes me kind’a sick

Once they strike and take a hold

Bid farewell to winning gold.

Rhyming schemes which also scan

Is what I strive for if I can

a, b, c, and then a, b,

Is something that can set you free

But takes a little bit of training

Maybe even extra straining

Of the brain-box and the mind

If that gem you want to find.

Sometimes though, we reach the stars

(Anyone can get to Mars)

We find that word that’s just the ticket

(Our cricket team just took a wicket)

A bit like that guy Wilson Pickett

Alas, he found he couldn’t stick it

Took his bow a mite too early

Went to find those gates so Pearly……

It seems I’ve somehow lost the plot

But right now, folks, that’s all I got!


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of poety and prose

rhymes may not possess

the necessary feeling

that a straight poem

can convey

(apologies to ee cummings)

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I smile when I see my Wife

The one true love I'll have for life

She says that age has taken it's toll

I still see the beauty I saw long ago

I smile when I see my Daughter

Nursing her sweet newborn child

As I watch them my eyes see

The first time that she smiled at me

I smile when we walk together

To the beach in sunny weather

The life I have, I hold so dear

I smile just because I'm here

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Write a list of all the things

That make me want to smile?

Things that make my heart beat faster

Things for which I’d walk a mile?

It’s not as easy, as some might think

Those good things to describe

This subject is a serious one

And hard to carry off with style.

And so I find I need more time

To choose and write them down

What to use, or to refuse….?

I’ll wait ‘till I get back from town.


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While your in town do me a favor

buy me something I will savor

a little trinket something new

my favorite color is royal blue

btw I'd do it for you

if just your mind went to town

forget about it I'll settle down

it was just a thought to clear your mind

something I said while killing time

I know you would cause your so kind

Inspiration you see I need

any subject is good feed

I grab a thought and let it show

type away see if it will flow

thats it for now I better go

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I went to town

But I did find

I'd left behind

What's called my mind

I'm off to bed now

(I went to town for lunch)

Next time I'll buy you

Flowers, one bunch.


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This weekend I have spent my time

In efforts futile (though sublime)

I did espy upon the web

A Limerick Comp (that’s what they said)

I bent my brain in this endeavor

To put my name in lights forever

I penned my entry, and submitted

(I really was too much committed)

Then I found to my dismay

The comp had closed the previous day!!

I ranted and I raved in vain

(I think I went a bit insane)

And then – and this did make me sick

The winner didn’t even stick

To the rules that make a Limerick!!

I spent all day in deep disgust

The way they had abused my trust…..

The closing date was not made clear

I could have come to blows I fear

Instead my brain went out to lunch –

No, that’s not right, it’s me that went

My brain stayed home and had some brunch

As you can see, I’m still confused

I really thought I’d blow a fuse

And so my chance at world wide fame

I have to put on hold again.

“So, what,” I hear you say (some hope!)

“Was this great Limerick you wrote?”

Well, it had to be about Test Cricket

So here it is (if you can stick it.)

It's addressed to the radio commentary team....change of rhythm required.....

This isn't true ‘Limerick’

‘Cos their rules are too strict

It’s a little off-topic

So I’ll mention Tresgothic

But here there is something

I have to confess -

I’ve been rather bold,

For one who’s so old –

I have put pen to paper

And made quite a mess.

I learned of a contest

On the ABC site

You had asked for a limerick

And my rhymings are tight -

I could scarcely believe it

It’s my easiest trick -

For these poems of splendour

I have quite a bender

But mine often make people sick.

The story you told

Was of prizes and gold

About this game Cricket

I thought, ‘That’s my ticket!’

It took less than one second

And the idea was sold -

I rushed to my keyboard

My tale to unfold

As Punter was batting

And Tendulkar bowled.

You informed us in passing

That, ‘though Indians like fasting

They’re also quite partial

To that dish everlasting

They eat it in truckloads -

(At least most of them do,)

‘Cos it helps them get runs

And it’s called Vindaloo. :blush:

To fill empty air

Is often a challenge -

(To be perfectly fair

You don’t always manage)

So you thought up a thing

That was cheaper than bling -

That wasn’t too blatant

(Or still under patent) – .

You dreamt up a game

For your listeners to try –

That could lead them to fame

And make the time fly.

You thought it was fun

When you asked for a pun

But you had no idea

That we all, far and near

Do like an incentive

And can be inventive

While watching Tendulkar

(Yes, that’s right, mea culpa)

Achieve yet another big ton.

To get back to confessing -

The lure of a prize

Had me busy professing

Words witty and wise –

So I wrote down a few

Of a suitable size

And then I submitted -

(For wits to be pitted

You must be committed)

And to win it, in other men’s eyes.

You never suspected

That under your noses

This monster was lurking

In various poses -

You should have been quaking

In boots made of leather

Instead of discussing

The state of the weather.

I know it’s too long

And the rhyming’s erratic

It won’t do as a song

It could even cause static…but -

If I don’t win a prize

In the judge’s keen eye

An ‘Honourable Mention’

Would lift all my tension

It’s been quite an effort -

I really did try.


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Alas my muse of poetry has gone

And left me sitting here alone'

Trying hard to make a rhyme

Only to erase time after time.

And oh the envy that I feel

When my eyes behold Carol's long spill

It seems her talents are quite diverse

She's very prolific with the verse,

Can play the guitar with her left hand

And moderate in GFB&B land.

Kenny writes about what makes him smile

Gave me pause for quite awhile.

Trying to think of the best words.......

It's flowers, babies,sunshine and birds,

Good music, good food and a long cold drink

Way too many things to list, I think.

So I'll just end this little prose

And head for bed I suppose.

Goodnight my friends in Guitar Land

Tonight I'll dream I'm the star of the band!!!!

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Hey Aunt Dot, that was terrific

Perhaps you are your own worst critic?

You had verses and deep meaning.

Mine are all banal and silly

And stop me practicing my ditties.....

You see, here I go all over again

Rhyming couplets - what a pain!

Sometimes I just sit here dreaming

Struggling with my rhyme and scheming

Admiring Ken and Chris's lyrics

Beating up myself with big sticks

Trying to make my verse the same

With at least a bit of hidden meaning.


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