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Our University song

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Glad Molly's ok

Jolly good news I'd say

Still not too old to run and play

With tennis balls

Good call on the vet

A bit expensive

But all's good in the end

A welcome reprieve

For a Woman's best friend

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Molly dog is thriving

5 big meals today!

She's almost back to normal

Now no ribs are on display

We know she's getting old'ish

But she's still so young at heart

We refused to give her up

She deserved another start

She does have medical insurance

So the bills were only half

We were, in fact, a bit surprised

At the hard hearted chosen path

Of the one who is her owner -

If only Molly knew how close

She came to being tossed away

But luckily, she will never know the facts

We're just glad she is here to stay

A little longer - and we're happy with that

She's alive to play for another day.

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Another week's gone by

Where does the time go?

Soon I'll be pushing 80

Before anyone, knows...

Can you imagine me,

As a daft old crone....?

Don't answer that, please

That's a no go zone -

I think I'll be pushing up daisies

Long before I'm 80 years old

I've been saying that for decades now

And yet here I am.... truth be told

I've never even had

A narrow escape.....

Though gun point in the jungle

Would probably rate

If the soldiers had bungled

Or were trigger happy goons,

Or in need of excitement

But seemed happy with a tune -

We sang for their delight

Though our voices weren't steady

Due to some degree of fright

The soldiers, were drunk, as skunks -

It was my 26th birthday, as well!

I did wonder to myself, quietly that night

If I would ever live, my stories to tell

And yet here I am

Spouting drivel as always

Pushing 80 in the shade ;)

I've heard it said that 'music saves'

It saved us that night, to be sure

Though our voices were not the best

It meant our lives could still endure

And weren't prematurely put to rest.

Yes, yet another cheerful little rhyme!

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I've never been held at gunpoint

I'd probably soil my pants

I've had a few near death experiences

God gave me a second chance

I crashed a motorbike one day

But only had broken bones

Had pneumonia when I was young

After rolling around in the snow

It was touch and go for a while

But I recovered and got taken home

Nearly drowned once while walking drunk

Mistook a pond for a road

My Wife's heart sank when she saw me

Resplendent in soaking wet clothes

But I've never been threatened with weapons

No I've never been threatened with those

I've merely been foolhardy

A threat to myself I suppose

But I know that some time I will leave here

The reaper will call at my door

I'll close my eyes for the last time

I'll lie in the ground and be mourned

And on this day these words will be written

On a stone that stands over my grave

Here lies a man who took chances

But he never had to be brave.

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Are confessions considered sacred

Here, at GFB?

I'm afraid I have a big one

And there's no one to blame but me

I haven't played a guitar now

For many weeks, maybe three?

And even then, it was only 5 minutes

I keep getting side-tracked away

I don't really have a plan anymore

I don't find time in my busy day

I know that's ridiculous - I have to make time

There are 24 whole hours in each day

Why can't I knuckle down to practice

And find a compelling reason to play?

Perhaps this post is the answer?

I'll put away my email and blog

I'll find a new tune to play, yes right now!

Some tune that won't mind if I give it a flog

But first I have to get my nails in order....

And tune up my favourite guitar

Will it work? Will it fail? I've said this before

I've berated myself - that's not worked thus far

I even bought a timer, to make myself practice more

It's over there laughing, right now, this minute

That won't work, Clock! I know, I'll threaten to bin it!

That'll sort it out - being mocked by a clock!

Well, I'll show it who's boss, I'll give it a shock

I'll find a tune, and practice, that'll show it who's boss

This post has gone silly...why do they do that?

I always end up with some awful mish-mash

I start off all serious, and then after a while

I run off the rails - and sometimes I crash

At least I can usually end up with a smile

And I'm sorry I haven't dropped in here,

For a long while. :)

Note to self: get your act together carol!

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Today I have some news of sorts

- I've been playing my guitar

It must have been the post above

Although my skills aren't up to par

Par, I think, is a golfing term?

Today there's been some golf here

I don't have any interest at all

It's attraction has never seemed clear...

I do remember a long time ago

I played Putt Putt, and that was quite fun

Through Castle gates and round windmills

Through windows, and right round the bend -

I expect I was good at that last sort

I haven't changed very much, since then....

Today I baked the Christmas Cake

This time I had Brandy on hand

Last year, I seem to remember

I used Sherry, but that was too bland

This year, one of our boys is at home

So there are plenty of Spirits around

I tried a mixture of Brandy and Rum

They were just two, from those that I found

Both those were used in the cake, of course

I don't like either of them, as a drink

But the stash that I found was quite large -

I tried out Tequila & Gin, but I think

That Absinth was maybe my favorite,

Although the coffee liqueur was quite handy

In a dessert-ish kind of a way,

I found I preferred it to Brandy

With a coffee to round off the day... :blink:

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Oooooh, a whole New Year starts tomorrow,

And I feel that it will be a good one,

Last year was goode, but this will be better

Full of successful endeavors and fun

I know.....

I'll make a killing in the Stock Market

And impress all two of my friends

Even the kids will be gasping in wonder

How I'm always ahead of the trends

Yes, friends, I'm trendy and ahead of the pack

I lead from the front, with the rabble at my back

I say, 'Eat my dust! all you wannabe masses

Do try to keep up, it's such a pain in the neck

That you're so inadequate, hopeless and mean

You don't give a toss but are easily upset

Yes, I tell it how it is, who cares who I hurt...


It's survival of the fattest....no, that can't be right

But wait....I hear the sound of gunfire

No.. some New Year fireworks gave me a fright....

Right - all that stuff I just wrote above -

That was last year's 'Me'

Now it's two thousand and thirteen

And I'll be as sweet as can be..... :innocent:

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Happy New year Australia fair

Happy New Year Carol if you're there

I'm off to the inlaws so no drunken rabble

A couple of Whiskies a few games of scrabble

A peck on the cheek as Big Ben chimes

A toast to the host for happier times

Then home again full of good cheer

A hello to neighbours as we go indoors

A trip on the step a descent to the floor

Rising once more dishevelled sore head

A quick cup of cocoa pyjamas and bed

A shut of the eyes the sound of a snore

Alas 2012 you are here no more :drinking:

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Yes, I am here, Christopher

And indeed, I have survived

Not only Christmas/New Year

But another year, that I'm alive

When getting old and doddery

Take, not one thing, for granted

Here today, and gone tomorrow

Becomes an idea, that's implanted

Ignore it at your peril....

Did I tell you, about poor Beryl?

I don't believe I have... yet :)...

Well, her story's short and sad

She thought she'd live forever

But then her health went bad

Her hubby up and left her

Her children ran away

No one wanted Beryl

When she needed them to pray

All alone and friendless

She passed away alone

Which goes to show the rest of us

To keep in touch by phone....

I'm not sure that I've got that right

The phone bit's, what I mean

But, the message is quite clear:

Keep in touch when on the scene

Cos, after, it's too late

Poor Beryl learned the hard way

And could not avoid her fate

I find that phone bit interesting

I got a mobile phone for Christmas

Till now I have avoided them

But all goode things must pass

Now I'm wired up, and connected

My quiet times, they could not last

But, I also got a GPS!

It's speedy, cool and fast

So escape is still an option

Or.... put myself up for adoption.....hmmm, never thought of that before - do you think that it's a goer?

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Beryl she sounds like Eleanor Rigby

No rhyme for that so please forgive me

It's best to stay in touch if you can

A phone is a plan or you could do letters

Or email or blog the list is so endless

Any way's good as it beats being friendless

I have a mobile but only for work

My Wife has one too it drives me berserk

Constantly ringing vibrating with texts

She sends them back then waits for the next

It interrupts programmes interferes with talk

Ruins the peace when we're out for a walk

I say switch it off but she says that she won't

She's frightened of missing a quip or a quote

And various other kinds of short notes

But I don't like them for all the above

I'm a bit of a luddite I may hear you say

I'm not's my reply but prefer peaceful days

And people will get me if they have things to convey

But not via mobile in some other way

Although I confess, GPS is quite handy

If you get lost on the moors or on roads or in valleys

But sometimes those critters lead us up blind alleys

They say you're here but really you're there

But you don't know where and they don't really care

As they think they are right when they are wrong

And we get confused don't know what's going on

Then we realise our iPhone is crap

And wish that we had an old fashioned map

But it is too late and the battery drains

We're lost in the wilderness and not seen again

Well that's quite enough of the routes we get lost on

Can't say I'm sure about the idea of adoption

Don't know if they'd take us we're set in our ways

They'd probably get bored of our refusal to change

Then throw us out like Puppies at Christmas

They like the idea it wears off they don't miss us

Old folks can be awkward, demanding, forgetful

People may take us but then be regretful.

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My phone, it was a Samsung

Yes - it is G 3

But its GPS's crap, son :)

And that, you can't rely on

But I also got a Tom Tom

Not the drum, the GPS -

It's really cool and fun

I speak to tell it where to go

And there it is! It's very smart

Too loud? You tell it 'Softer'

It turns right down - that's quite an art...

I know some people, won't do that

They could learn a lot from Tom

They take offense and then start yelling

Can't take advice, no use in telling

'Pipe down!', 'Shut up!' or something worse

All they know is how to curse

I tell them where to go, but then

They turn real ugly, and talk back

If only they were more like Tom -

Docile, kind and never attacks

It (he?) responds to over 100 commands

That's plenty for a real life friend

No fuss, no quarrels, no rude retorts

To make you sad, and feel remorse....

I think I feel wise words coming on:

"A dog, a Tom Tom and one guitar

With that you could go far

Happy and blessed (and never lost)

A peaceful life, at not much cost -

I forgot... you would also need a car..."

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I haven't got a Tom Tom

But I've heard that they're good

I think I'd like to have one

So maybe I should

We usually use the AA

That's not alcohol you know

They send us the directions

Name roundabouts and roads

We do though still get lost sometimes

Recently in Keele

Went straight past a signpost

A shorter route not noted

We followed their directions

Went all around the houses

We realised the other way

Would have been much quicker

It did cause consternation

We did begin to bicker

A Tom Tom would have been good

For resolving this old spat

Instead of shouting at each other

We could've shouted out at that

But all we had was paper

To abuse during our caper

I screwed it up and threw it

But it wasn't as appealing

As squealing at a gadget

That never raised it's voice

With consistency and charm

That would keep saying directions

And somehow make me calm

Or push me to the edge

With red cheeks and a stammer

But an objects better than paper

As you can smash it with a hammer.

And laugh as the voice tapers

Lies on the floor in tatters

Gadgets are like fish

They can always be battered

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Gadget abuse can be a problem

And cause some consternation

It can also prove quite costly

And provoke much castigation

You also feel like a bit of a goose

Though i understand the feeling

I've had my moments of computer rage

When all good sense goes reeling

It sometime ends in tears of frustration

(I don't know why I'm telling you this)

With angry emails, sent to websites,

The pounding of keyboards, and the shaking of fists

I did this once - this is quite embarrassing -

Sent an angry email, to a web design chappie

He replied with restraint - it was my fault entirely -

I apologized then, which made us both happy

I published his replies on my start-up blog -

Now, it is one of my most popular Posts

With people finding ways to deal with abuse:

Show courtesy and restraint, that is always a winner

To make angry customers into winners and grinners

Now he always sends me his best regards

And free copies of new software his company makes

I certainly made an impression, alright!

But it turned out well - it must have been fate -

He gets ringing endorsements, from me, on my slate

While I get my freebies and a story to tell

I made a goose of myself....but it turned out well.

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I rarely batter gadgets

I haven't got the cash

I always try to patch them up

As battering sounds rash

That said on some occasions

I think it would be bliss

The mere mention of it

Reminded me of this :)

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I remember laughing at that at the time

It's odd how canned laughter,

Now seems so intrusive

Turns a once-funny sketch, into disaster - mostly for the rhyme

I don't think we do it, at all here in Aus

But I notice you Brits, still seem to like it

It becomes very obvious, when not usually heard -

Even saw one QI where they'd chosen to add it

I couldn't keep watching, it felt so 'not right'

Do you have views? (I don't mean the landscape)

I don't mean to confuse, or get into a fight

In fact... I see a new topic, enter stage right...

Yes, I have just bought a Camera

From some guys in Honk Kong :)

It was bargain basement prices

Yes, I got it for a song -

No, nott one of mine - they are not worth a dime

To pay for gadgets with my songs

Would be an out-and-out crime

I've just been told, it's already been shipped

Within 12 hours from payment

They must be on overtime shift.....

Oh yes, the weather today was quite warm

It was 43 in Sydney, and that is quite hot -

Bush fires are raging, across 3 different States

Many people were burnt out, with everything lost

No one has died, as far as we know

It's odd to think that others are knee deep in snow...

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Canned laughter's not for me

It always sounds quite forced

It's worse when jokes aren't funny

Reality's divorced

Live shows can also do this

If the going's getting hard

Some chap near the cameras

Holds up a prompting card

Which says audience laugh

They will also clap their hands

Go woo and cheer too

They'd probably do anything

The card told them to do

I heard you got a camera

The lumix looks divine

I love taking pictures

I wish that it was mine

We've lost a famous camera store

Do you remember Jessops

I used to buy my stuff from there

When I was a youngster

Now the glory days have gone

Their final picture's snapped

A terminal decline

They failed to adapt

To selling stuff online

They got behind the times

They could not compete

Now the administrator

Has walked in and pressed delete.

I've seen the fires on the news

The awful devastation

I hope that folks are ok

That firefighters gain control

And help for those affected

Is given without delay

These terrible events

Always cause dismay

Over here it still rains

It never seems to cease

And we have floods to deal with

Some folks have no relief

Been flooded several times

Clean up when floods subside

Then they come back again

With the next heavy rain

And householders they stand there

Look on with disdain

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The fires are still raging

So far, no one's lost their life

Unlike last year - what a disaster!

So many people, in such strife

This year they changed the system

Of when to stay, and when to go

Last year, people thought

They could stay and save their home

That was, in fact, a big mistake

'Cos communications went down

And mobile phones, didn't work

So they never heard, the emergency alert

Electricity not there, so no TV or radio

To know when to stay, and when to go.

This year, many people, left early

Taking pets and photo albums -

All the things they valued most

To avoid their loss, and the doldrums

Houses and farms were burnt to the ground

But the saddest thing of all...

'Stock losses' in their thousands -

(Mostly sheep, as I recall)

It's a phrase like 'collateral damage'

Sounds ok, but it hides the facts

Now Farmers have to go, and shoot survivors

I don't think that I, would like, to do that

Those burnt to cinders but still alive

A bullet in the head to end their pain....

Some of these fires, are deliberately lit

And not only kids, who think it's a game

But older people with grievances

Against society... or looking for fame

I'm really pleased with my camera -

Check my test photos in our Gallery - here

And I've just come back from a barbecue

....is there any word to rhyme with Gallery!?

I took photos and movies,

And was a serial pest

People slurping and scoffing,

You can imagine the rest

I found a camera feature

That is much under-valued:

The silent 'click' from the shutter -

Great when some, aren't in the mood

You can creep about real stealthily

With your tilted, LCD screen

Snapping away quite merrily

I don't think that, is really too mean...

One more feature, I have to remember

Is the audio that comes with shooting movies

You can't speak your stage directions

While real life filming, your target group(ies) - for the rhyme

Or you get 'Move your head, please, Robert'

In the middle of your oscar contender

Is a little bit non-professional...

Yes, that's something I have to remember.

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Hi there, Chris and others

Is anyone at home?

I've just popped in for a squizz

But find, I'm on my own

Not to worry, maties

I'll just leave you, a Hello note

Hows-it going, over in Europe?

Are you still under snow in the States?

We recently had our hottest day ever-

Did I tell you about this before?

It was 45C - and was a scorcher

But I didn't want to stay indoors

I told my new TomTom GPS

"Bondi, Thomas - quick as you can!"

So off we went to the surf and sand

In my cool little air conditioned car, and

It took me ages to find a good park - aussie for 'parking space'

Had to turf out some funny old dame

- I was in the mood for a bit of a lark...

She did not want to give up her spot

But saw, she had no hope to prevail

So she left with a few grumbles only

And a stiffled, but desperate, wail

Well, that little victory, pleased me no end

I felt ready to conquer the world

So I set off to look for a good spot

Among the bodies, and brollies, unfurled

The funniest thing that you ever did see

Was a man who was red - head to toe

But his bald head was covered with zinc cream-

It was thick white, and glistened like snow

He had taken such care with his top-not

But forgot to protect down below!

I think he would live to regret this

It would not turn out funny, for him

I expect he would lose, about half of his skin

'Cos he looked like the color of lobster...

...I decided to go for a swim

Is there anything good

You can say about sand?

It burns feet to a crisp

And sticks everywhere it lands.

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Sand is a wonder

It's used to make glass

But carry a towel

Or you'll burn your


I thought of the obvious

But that's far less refined

In Europe no warmth

Of a temperate kind

The sun has come out

But it's cooled by the breeze

No people on beaches

Exposing their knees

Heads under caps

Bodies enclothed

The cold leads the wise

Leaves all unexposed

But tourists still come

And pose by the sea

Then jump back in their cars

As it's far too chilly.

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I'm writing an essay

The words are not coming

It's not that easy

There's some incongruity

Trying to write about

The concept of community

Which led me to here

My thoughts they have wandered

I'm now distracted

Time has been squandered

But it gave me some space

In which I have pondered

Perused and surveyed

Words and pictures

And played the odd song

Now back to the essay

To infinity and beyond (Buzz lightyear)

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I just come here to pass the time

Say a few words and write a few rhymes

It's therapeutic, relaxing, exciting

Can clear the head, inspire more writing

It's nice to write rhymes and good for your health

It won't get you rich but life's more than wealth

It could be called lazy but that's not a crime

I'm just contented it's peaceful, sublime

I just come here to pass the time

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I have news, my old chum

I have regained my spark

For playing guitar

And I've made a new start:

It started with my car painting exploits

- I find it's hard to get back to work -

Next, I tidied up, my tangle of wires

After that, I went, a little bit berserk

Some furniture shifting, re-arranging of chairs

Out went the cat - I ignored her cold stares

I found my PC, tuned up my Electric,

Put in a DVD....

'Slip sliding with Kirk' - I forget what it's called

Out came the slide and the RP 150

I've been fanging up the fretboard

Like there'll be no tomorrow

Over the Rainbow, and vibrato's a cinch

Keeping in tune, but letting it flow....

Thank God for earphones, is all I can say

While sliding away, I'm as quiet as a mouse

Distortion, Reverb, at the flick of a switch

And no one disturbed, in the rest of the house.

Now I have 2 'work stations'

And 2 different chairs

My Mac for my work

My PC for guitar players.

Now my only problem

Is which one to choose

I've tried doing both

But that got me confused

It turns out you can't be in 2 places at once

If you try it, you'll fell like a bit of a dunce.

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Good news indeed

Resurrected guitars

Furniture moving

Spraying of cars

Two work stations

Are better than one

But which one to choose

Well there's no need to confuse it

Choose the one that lets you play music.

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I'm on holiday

Not a lot to do

Don't have a lot of money

The wages are due soon

The house it is quite tidy

Paperwork's all done

Washing's on the line

Drying in the sun

I may well go and join it

Seems wrong to be indoors

When God has sent me sunshine

Instead of rain that pours

I'll go for a siesta

Embrace the solar glow

I may do something else

I'm indifferent I don't know

I'll recline in the backyard

And see how the day goes.

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Your post has disappeared Carol

Was it lost in the move?

Luckily I have an email

So can still keep the groove

Keep in the same vein

I don't know where your post is

But here it is again :)

I must say you surprise me

Are you not having blizzards?

With flooding of the rivers

And water to your gizzards?

I saw it on the tele

So then, it must be true

Coldest March for 50years

I can't say that, I envy you

These days, I'm taking breaks

- Every 3 hours or so

Sit out in the garden

Or stroll there, to and fro

Scooping up the dog poo

You know.... how you do

They are 5 minute breaks

While I sip on my coffee

Sometimes I get reckless

And chew on a toffee

Or I read my book

With the sun pouring down

I find that that turns me

A nice shade of brown

It also makes me smile

Instead of a frown

We've had the hottest March

And the hottest decade too

It's been around 28 degrees C

But not that hot inside our loo - for the rhyme - sorry

I like it when it's sunny

And I like it when it's hot

It keeps me feeling cheerful

While my body quietly rots

It's good to have distractions

When age comes creeping on.....

I think it's time to have a break

And a nicely buttered scone.


It's true there have been blizzards

UK's covered in Snow

But not down here

Not at all, sun is all we've seen

It is chilly that's for sure

But not as bad as it is up north

Or in the south or in the east

We've missed it all

We're much relieved

We've had a lot of rain that's true

Some parts have slid into the sea

We've had frost, we've had ice

But apart from that it's been quite nice

Seems Australias getting hotter

While we are cooling down

I blame it on the gulf stream here

It's sealing in the cold

But Englishmen are hardy

I'll go out in my yard me

With a cup of tea and scone

And chill out almost literally

As the ducks skate on the pond.

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