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Our University song

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I quite like my job it does pay the bills

I work on my own a lot of the time

People do butt in but that's par for the course

But most of the time I get left to my chores

I don't get harassed much, my life's pretty free

I'm well organized and they like that about me

I too am quite healthy for a man of my age

Apart from the cigars I sometimes engage with

Much to my disdain but they give me some pleasure

My only vice to quit at my leisure

Wouldn't like to be perfect, that would be a waste

To go to my grave having done nothing wrong

Would make dying less fun, I'd have no reason

Wouldn't find a cause for my imminent demise

I'd prefer to know it was something that I'd done

And not just mother nature deciding my life's gone

I don't have much money I have a small pension

Which should relieve tension for rellies expecting

A little cash bonus to buy something nice with

It won't buy a house but it might buy a small gift

Wouldn't want to cause a rift amongst family

Fighting over my money and what's left of the silver

I've left in my will the basic requirements

I hope I die peacefully happy in retirement :yes:

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I've been pretty much out of the loop this week

We had guests and then a party - :(

Which is not my sort of scene at all

With people dressed up, blinged, and tarty

And the mood, way too loud and over-hearty

Then, I had to take, my beaut little car

Back to the aircon mechanics

Who 'fixed' it last time for a fee

But, it's still doing, it's not-cooling tricks

This time, I asked, for a written quote first

They said, it was13 hundred, this time

So I got the quote down in writing

And they signed on the dotted line

"I have to check with my family first"

Was the line I used to escape

Then home for a quick cup of tea

Then off to check with some mates

Then on through the afternoon traffic

In search of a better deal

That's when I met with the lovely big Ben

'Six hundred forty', and the deal was sealed

It'll be done, on Wednesday, not in 3 weeks time

I was pretty well pleased with myself

I jumped in my car, thinking everything's fine......

A few left and rights, and back on Paramatta Road

It was clogged, with rush hour, cars & trucks

Thinking ' keep going till you reach the city'

Didn't think I was about, to change my luck

So I turned up the radio and followed my nose

In 20 minutes, I should be back home

About 40 mins later I saw a very strange sign

Choose Blue Mountains or the red heart of Aus...

That's odd, why've they put that sign there?

And then I thought Huh? and What the...

I had turned the wrong way into Parramatta Road

Oops now I have a problem with rhyming

But I'll continue by rhyming with Road

Now I had to find a way to turn around

So I dived down a few tiny side streets

I got home about 2 hours later than I should

Well, that's one of my stupidest feats

Today I'm going out, to buy a compass

I don't need one (of course)

I just happen, to feel like, a treat. :whistling

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I used to like parties, I used to like clubs

I used to like concerts and night's out in pubs

I used to like drinking to excess on occasion

Falling in ditches on several occasions

But now I'm more leisurely, that doesn't pleasure me

Don't like the hangovers praying to porcelain

Then going back out doing it again

The odd party's nice though if it's something special

It's nice to get blinged up and look in fine fettle

But most times now I prefer to just settle

In my living room strumming and bumming around

My feet not in ditches but on softer ground

And the sound of a guitar keeping me company

That's all that I need it will do for me

On cars well their pits where we throw all our money

It takes quite a lot to keep them cars running

My one's a wreck I usually buy them

My cash ain't extensive so nothing expensive

I keep them for years and patch them up daily

A wing mirror hanging off a heater not working

Stirring the gear stick the car sometimes jerking

But they do for me well I have little choice

I'm stuck with a banger it's far from a rolls royce

But it does A to B and sometimes C to D

And it's quite good on fuel which is ok with me :yes:

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Yes, cars are a pain

We can agree on that

I spent 2 hours at the garage

But my plans all fell flat

Oops, we ordered the wrong part

So sorry about that

Can you come back tomorrow?

Sure, I can do that

I have nothing else to do

And besides it's such fun

Stuck in a dark office

Sharing tea with his mum

Well, that's purely for the rhyme

His mum wasn't there

And you can't blame her really....

And I had the only chair. :yeahhh:

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Big Ben came up trumps

I have a coolio new aircon

He came in under quote

And it didn't take too long

I met Gordon the fat poodle

Who had his own special chair

In the dark, dingy office

Which we both had to share

It began to feel like home

I've spent so long there

I started answering the phone

Then yell out to the workshop

Tony! Stewart! or Ben!

And got coffee from the shop

I was quite sad to leave

Well not really - they didn't pay me

In fact I had to pay them

But I did get a new aircon

So thanks a lot, Ben.

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That's a result and a reasonable price

Not sure about the office sounds a bit rough

But I suppose good enough to while away time

I'm glad everything has worked out fine

It's a bit chilly here, went out with my glasses

They frosted up and i couldn't see

But it's winter so it's supposed to be cold

I may venture out again, leave them behind

They're supposed to help me but just made me blind

I might stay indoors though can't make up my mind :wacko:

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I'd stay warm and cosy

If it were up to me

I've never liked cold weather

Cos I just don't like to freeze

I heard it on the tele

Europe's in the deep freeze

Arctic weather everywhere

Which is very hard on knees

I heard a fact that's interesting

Just the other day

Which Pole do you think is the coldest?

I thought they'd be, about the same

But no, the South Pole's colder

But I don't know why that is

Maybe because there's land there

Which makes your fingers frizz

Mostly, people here have

Airconditioning in their cars

"cause a car will get much hotter

Than it gets on planet Mars

When parked out in summer sun

So when you get inside

You cannot touch the steering wheel

And your derriere starts to fry......

With that, I'd better, exit -

I am terribly busy, you know

And besides, the cricket's on, soon

So I really have to go.

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Yesterday I had a visitor!

I know! it was a special day

It was someone I've known for ages

This friend goes back, a long way

He's an old friend, I knew, in Africa -

I was a witness at his first wedding

Way back in the dim and distant past

We had hair raising, adventures, together

On a trip we did to the Okavango

We share memories that'll always last..

He says, I always stepped, into pot holes

Well, he drove into a wall of sand -

I was on the lookout for lions

But he had no excuse that would stand

Up to any sort of scrutiny

I think he's over-playing his hand.

My car broke down in the Kalahari

While his kept going with no hitch

So I thumbed a ride on the Red Cross plane

He just drove into a ditch

He pitched his tent on an ant's nest

Had to move, in the middle of, the night

We only heard the commotion

And called out 'Good night, and sleep tight!'

He thought it was really, a clever idea

To mix the salt and pepper together

When we tried to season our camp food

It was either tasteless or way too salty

Apart from that, his planning wasn't falty

He went back to the Okavango,

A few years ago, maybe ten?

I'm not sure of the exact timing

But it must have been about then

And amazingly, he tracked down James

James was fantastic - a local

A mechanic, but our stand-in guide

As we sallied forth, on our own, for 2 weeks

In a tiny boat with an outboard motor

One ancient gun, six bullets, and some seats

James was in charge of the firearm

Which he carried like Davey Crocket

Resting it over one shoulder

With the ammo in his top pocket

As we trekked overland and on foot

At the mercy of marauding wild life

Single file, with James in the lead

(The gun, for if we ran into strife)

Like safaris in all the old movies

We went tracking, in search of wild life

No communication, and 3 days (minimum) from base

And only radio, if we reached there

No accidents happened to anyone

But the thought of the risks were a scare

We went crocodile hunting by torchlight

And James caught them with his bare hands!

For fun! Well,

My friend, tracked down James, when he went back

And James even remembered me!

I find that hard to believe really

I mean, I didn't really step into pot-holes

In fact, I was quite the intrepid explorer

I had my gaze ever-fixed on our goals (marauding wild life)

Tracking spoor and bits of bent grass

Spotting buffalo, rhino and elephants.....

Elephant tracking is easy

Just follow the big piles of poo

It's the ones that charge up behind you

That can make you, wish for a loo.


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Can you believe that Dohni?

2 brilliant innings(es?), in a row

When all seems lost, he keeps his cool

Then, cuts loose, with the old heave-ho

He waits till the game's almost over

Then cool as you please, he goes balistic

Blasts bowlers all over the ground

The other team says, 'but that's not cricket'

Then India scrapes home, safe and sound

Tonight it was a tie on the very last ball

So now it's on, to the next, exciting round

You Yanks don't know what you're missing

Baseball and grid-iron are no match

And who understands their rules, anyway

Mostly, you never see who makes the catch

Half the time in baseball, no one even hits a ball

And yet games are still lost and won

I like to see a good old slog-fest.....

I'm sophisticated in the choice of my fun. :)

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It's photo time again in Sydney

Starring Kanga and sweet little Rory

Kanga found a home in the rubbish bin - :)

I'll let the photos tell the Kanga/Rory story


post-2939-0-18266400-1329396380.jpg post-2939-0-10518500-1329396424.jpgpost-2939-0-41083100-1329396449.jpg

At first I didn't notice Kanga

I thought 'What's Rory sleeping on now?'

That's when I saw that it was Kanga!

I think they both need to take a big bow.

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I can't believe it's Friday again

My life's wizzing past in a flash

I haven't played guitar for weeks now

My so called skills, will all have been trashed

Tomorrow I plan to knuckle down

Pick up my guitar, and give it a whirl

If I put it down here, in writing.....

Whirl is a tough word to rhyme with

Girl, churl (?) curl, swirl, furl - even pearl

I don't see a way to fit those in -

And now I have to rhyme with pearl....

A fresh start is always a good idea

When your rhyming goes up the spout

It's obvious and also beyond any doubt

Can you tell I have nothing to write about?

Last year, Australia, was gripped by drought

And today, our pollies, have decided to pout

Oh yes, my friend is alarmingly stout

It's because of her passion for brussel sprouts

And her hubby looks just like, an over-fed trout -

I think they sometimes, engage, in a boxing bout

If she's lucky she nails him with a great big clout

And he ends up, skittled, and out for the count

They think Queensbury Rules are there to flout

Her brother gets occasional attacks of gout

And her cousin is a well known Bookie's tout

Her son has turned into a lazy lout

It makes no difference if she yells and shouts

He refuses to do anything, nada, nowt

So in her despair, she's turned very devout

Aaah, I'm getting outa here, yes....out, out, out...


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I've started playing guitar again

I can still play a bit, so all is not lost

I only took about 2 weeks off

My life got too busy, but, for not too much cost

My fingers got sore after only 10 minutes

I'm almost as good as I was before :)

...I need to do more practice

For my skill set to soar

It's easy to lose track, if your day is too full

The day flashes past, and before you know it

Your brain feels like, cotton wool

I'd planned to tell you about Kirk's latest gig

But I wrote a review on the other thread

So putting something here would be repeating,

So now, goodnight, I'm off to bed

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Altogether now.....

Who stole the cookie from the cookie, jar?

Was it you?

Who me?

Yes, you!

Not me!

turn to next suspect:

Who stole the cookie from the cookie, jar?

Was it you?

Who me?

Yes, you!

Not me!

So, who stole the cookie, from the cookie jar?

Was it you?

Who me?

Yes you

Not me!

To find the answer to this riddle,

You need only look at Rory

He's over there, under the table

Groaning slightly - Yes, it was Rory!

Someone ;) left the cupboard door open

Open wide, and freely, showing

All the cat tins, treats, and cookies

- It was full to over flowing

Of course, Rory sniffed it out,

And found a box of doggie biscuits

Tipped it over, onto the floor

And ate as many as would fit

Into his tum, it's now very round

And he finds it difficult, to sit

He's walking kind of slowly

With his legs, a liitle bit wide

To give his tum some extra space

It's a crime he cannot hide

So who left the cupboard door open?

Was it you?

Who me?

Yes you!

Not me!

But, here's what's really confusing -

It was left open, by no one at all!

Well I do know, it wasn't me

But no one else, will own up, to the call

I know I didn't let Rory,

Over-fill his little round tum

But that is what everyone's claiming

It's all too confusing by half

I'll have to go off, and investigate -

Follow clues left behind in their path

Sadly, I've mislaid, my Sherlock Holmes hat

post-2939-0-59258300-1330829130.jpgI find it always helps my to think

So maybe I'll just get on with my day

And allow this scandal to sink.

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there's a stirring

like a faint star, not seen if you look directly

but catch sidelong glimpses and it's


birds not seen for months

sit on tree tops and sing

songs full of life and promise

last year's fawns now initiated

suddenly remember life before the cold and dark

and they spring as they

crowd behind the does on the

snow paths in the forest

there's steam and smoke billowing

from sugar shacks

turning sap into liquid gold

the geese returning from the south

echo their voices across the sky

winter, now unsure and tenuous,

will bluster and rage

snow and wind and ice

empty threats

because there's a stirring

of spring

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Lovely poem doug - it almost makes me want to be there - almost, but not quite.

If there's a bustle in the hedgerow,

Don't be alarmed, it's only a whisper

It's just a spring clean, for the May queen

Moved from Freezer, to thaw in the Crisper

I can hear the drip of the snow's melt

But no! It's young Doug who emerges!

Fresh from his winter hibernation

Who is feeling the start of Spring surges

Of tree sap, rising up to be tapped

Go out there, and make a killing, Doug

I think that's the spirit of Spring?

Stoke the fires, to keep nice and snug

And boil a billy, as well as the sap.....

When you're done, you can have a quick nap

I'm sure that your vistas are beautiful

But for me, they are too cold by half

I long for first day of 26 degress

When I put away, all of my scarves

That's when I know that summer has come

And cicadas will emerge from the ground

After 7 long years of hibernation

And the sun, will most likely, stick around

I don't mind our winters really

They never get really cold

But I still always wait for the summer time

I treasure each one, much more, now I'm old :)

You never really know, how many more you have left

But you know, it's an ever decreasing number

Before that inevitable, irreversible, slumber

That's weird - how did that happen?

Well..... because it's all true

I feel this more, each time summer, arrives

There's no escaping the facts, for me, or for you

Nomatter how hard, any one of us, tries

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Like that poem Doug, nice one Carol :)

My day (so far)

I look out on the street

Sitting on my porch

The mornings are now lighter

No need for a torch

Pigeons sit on power lines

Looking down on me

Seagulls in my courtyard

Tired of the Sea

Sipping from my watering can

Squawking merrily

Camellias are budding

In the garden cross the road

Weeds grow in the herb garden

Could do with a hoe

Onion sets have popped their heads

Above the loosened sod

The Priest opens the Church

For those who pray to God

The Post Office has opened

People buy their papers

While tourists mill around

Planning some more capers

The Wife is baking cakes

A tea for charity today

And I sit looking at the world

That's how mine looks today

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(thanks Carol and Chris - it's pretty easy when you don't rhyme. Great responses. Bustle in hedgerow, that brings back memories. Last song at the high school dances...)

yesterday I tapped 20 maple trees

drip drip drip

carrying buckets is hard on the knees

drip drip drip

collected 50 litres so far

drip drip drip

makes 1 litre of syrup in a jar

drip drip drip

I'm saving the sap in a great big barrel

drip drip drip

I'll be sure to send some syrup to Chris (fooled you, eh?)

drip drip drip

and, of course, my good friend Carol

drip drip drip

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drip drip drip

100 litres today

drip drip drip

and I've just entered the fray

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I'm having this image of Doug

Trudging manfuly thru the deep snow

Carrying litres and litres of syrup sap

Forward and back, endless, to and then, fro

At his heels is his trusty Rusty

Who has reasons all of his own

Not to like snow, where he sinks in too deep

And he freezes more than his toes.....

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spring has sprung too fast


the sap season won't last


we need temps below 0 at night


or else the flow of sap will be light


but I'll take the warmth over winter's cold


but my syrup business is going to fold


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'Spring has sprung too fast'

Is not a line you see that often

Especially in Canada (I assume)

When the snow begins to soften

As far as your business venture goes

A shortage would mean that prices,

Would go up and up, then, who knows

An early retirement with lots of free time

To play guitar and chat here, online

I reckon that option, would be just fine

But paying the bills needs more than a dime

Do Canadians have dimes any more? I opine,

Maybe even the States has ditched it over time

All I know is, that none of the dimes are ever mine

Did you know that in Aus, the locals here speak, Strine?

And we had a folk heroine (prostitute/gangster) called Tilly Devine?

I see how my lines have got longer and longer, so maybe, in time

They will reach, all the way round the world, and we could all then, entwine

Although, I do know that some of you mob, blessed with taste, might decline...

It's getting awfully late, I'm feeling on the decline, and now, I'm afraid, I will have to recline :sleep1:

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Yes I've been AWOL

For quite a few days -

Snowed under with work

With no time to play

Yesterday arvo, I took some time off

Went out to listen, to Kirk's Sydney show

As always it was great, & they played up a storm

They always impress me, so I'm happy to go

I've been trying to work out

The chords that Kevin (sidekick) plays

As he flies up the fretboard

And he's strumming away

I think that I've cracked it -

But I still could be wrong

I think, it's a moveable C7

He can fit to any song

I see it's not a barre chord

Though he plays them as well

He must be muting, the bass E with his thumb

And the high E string too, as far as I can tell

However he does it, it always sounds great

And they played extra time - well past 7 o'clock

What is my verdict...... you guys really rock!

You may not even realise

From the lessons, Kirk posts -

Kirk really rocks the socks off

Anyone from coast to coast - and not just for the rhyme :)

When he gets on stage with Kevin

The toes start really tapping

Each song ends, always the same way

With everyone madly clapping

I need to work on my whistling

I'm sadly out of practice

I used to do it at concerts

But now I find I'm aptless :sweatdrop

I think i'll practice on the dogs

That'll give them a bit of a fright.....

Now I'm off to the kitchen

For a hot chocolate drink -goodnight.

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Hey! Somebody stole my post!

I wrote a fantastic post last night :)

And now it has vanished -

Whisked away in the night!

I think it must have been Matt -

He's really the jealous type

He said he's not, coming here anymore

But I reckon that must have been, hype

I know what you're thinking -

I forgot to click 'Post'.....

Well, discount that idea right now!

I've only made one mistake, ever, at most

So I ask you, is that very likely?

OK you lot - that was rhetorical!

No need to chime in so sprightly

I need time to adjust, my self esteem

If my error count's risen to 2

I may need to give myself a big treat

To adjust to the new 'error prone' you - ok nit pickers, it should be 'me' but that doesn't rhyme.

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It happens to me on facebook

Quite often I am appalled

When I check what I wrote to a friend

And see I wrote nothing at all.

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What? Facebook too?

Those gremlins are spreading fast

Next, they'll be stealing underwear

I'd better bring the washing in, fast


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