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Our University song

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Molly's just had her stitches out

And now she's recovering fast

She's back to about 3 meals a day

Of her special expensive repast

She keeps coming back for more

30 minutes, after she last ate

Her brain must have lost touch with her stomach

'Cos, she leaves half the meal on her plate

Her brain says, "I love that, give me more"

And I do, 'cos she's still much too thin

She's put on two kilos, and a half, already -

Soon we'ill run out of the imported tins

Of extra expensive, chicken/rice mush

Which she picks out from between the biscuit

And Rory stands and watches 'at the ready'

Hoping he'll get half a chance to risk it:

The very fast dash to the dog bowl

Before anyone notices his crime

But I lock the door from the inside

So I foil his little plot every time

Molly opens doors from the outside

By standing up on her back pins - because nothing useful rhymes with legs

And, by pressing down, combined with pulling

She can always, let herself back in

And that is what Rory is hoping for:

That she'll come in with food left in her bowl

Most often he is doomed to disappointment

(He's not blessed with much self control)

He doesn't care in the least if he gets fat

So I have to make sure that he doesn't

I'm the boss of him, as well as the cat

And he'll just have to get used to that. :)

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Excellent, tinsmith.....

Molly opens doors from the outside

By standing up on her back legs

She does it with such grace and style,

Not at all how a normal dog begs

And, by pressing down, combined with pulling

She can always, let herself back in

And that is what Rory is hoping for:

It's a contest that he rarely wins

Check's in the mail - ching!

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Some days have flown by

With no more bad rhymes from me

I hope you took advantage

To have a carol m-free spree

A few day's quiet relaxing

To give your groan-meter a rest

I'd like to point out now, though

I really do try here, to do my best

To send you off to purchase

Some yew-beaut tunes from Kirk

By making you click away real fast

And reward Kirk's sterling work

Trying to teach us fumble fingered crew

How to string together some notes

That might even sound like music -

He's just put up another new post

The Blue Danube - Aah, I remember

A romantic evening in Budapest

Candle lit dinner and a Gypsy Trio

Tul-tut Paprikash, and me, looking my best,

Waltzing all night with a handsome young man.....

What? You didn't believe me, did you?

I didn't mean to lead you astray - hee hee

I got carried away in a cut-a-way dream

Did it really happen? - I'm not going to say.


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Another week flown by

And what have I done?

I watched some tv tennis

- a nice young Aussie boy, won

We won at cricket too

I don't care who wins the game

I listen to the radio commentary

It's never boring or tame

Last week there was 'the red hot chilli' incident

A challenge taken up by Harsha (Bhogle)

Not the famous Bollywood singer

Same name, but she's a female star

But Harsha of cricket (and now chilli) fame....

The crowd participation was a bonus

Many thousands there, also listen on air

Slow hand claps, when Kerry proved, bogus

The players in the middle got confused

Didn't know why the crowd were cheering

With their backs turned away from the cricket

Applauding Kerry at first, and then jeering

I can't explain as well as live audio can

Here, listen for yourself, and you'll be a Harsha fan...

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Once again the week is over

I've no idea how it went so fast

I've been beavering away on a project

Which is proving to be a real blast

As for news there isn't much really

Except Molly is back in full swing

She's developed an enormous appetite

But is still, a little bit too thin

Today, she ate two big breakfasts

Then 4 meals, in the evening as well

Little Rory is green with envy

From the look in his eyes you can tell

Molly's been enjoying the tennis

(She's got 'a big thing' for tennis balls)

She sits and watches the action

And never seems to get bored

Rory is more of a frisbee freak

He carries his down to the park

If he had half a chance he'd chase it all week

Then flop down in his favorite puddle

When he comes home, he reeks like a pond

A mixture of mud and canal water

It's not a scent, I think'll catch on

I sometimes pick up a flower

And hold it for Molly to sniff

I think she is really quite cultured

Cos she sniffs it like an aristocrat

I tried it with Rory, and he ate it

Yup, no breeding - he's a total brat.

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I am glad the week has ended

but I'll be working the weekend too

I have to figure out what has sended

my pseudowires to the loo

A pseudowire is a funny deal

it flaps at the least provocation

and even though it's not really real

it is a pretty accurate emulation

it is a strange state we've got ourselves in

in this world we call the internet

blurring the seven layers used to be a sin

in the olden days of sonet

but now we want to connect our lans across the world wide web

and so layer two virtual private networks is the cause celeb

layer one is hardware signalling - atm or ethernet circuits

layer two is media access and framing data into packets

layer three is IP - version 4 and soon maybe 6

layer four is transport - like combining notes to make licks

and above layer four I've never ventured

in my professional career

layers two to four have me indentured

there is enough there to fear

now let's look again at vpns

and let's limit it to just layer two

this is where the mind bends

and scary things say boo

cause now we have ethernet (layer two) sitting above layer four

so the osi seven layer model has come tumbling to the floor

and we emulate a wire into which customer's packets we send

and thus we have pseudowire emulation from end to shining end

but my pseudowires are flapping

well, in fact they all are down

and I don't know why it's happening

and my bug has not been found

it may not even be my fault

but I'll admit it's probable

probably a loop that doesn't halt

or an uninitialized variable

so I'll spend my weekend scowering code

until my eyes are on fire

and I swear I'll find the bug

that's flapping that pseudowire

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Nice going there, Doug!

I didn't know you could speak in code

Code is still, a mystery to me

But I've started down that road

It's worse than a new foreigh language

'Cos they don't even speak in real words

I don't know php from my ftp

And MySQL is simply absurd


For the sake of gfb mateship

I've found you just what you need

(http://computer.hows...rks.com/vpn.htm )

'How Stuff Works', yes, that should do it

NB the clue's right there, in the title lead

I'm also very impressed with the way

You mix tech with a grab from the arts

'From sea to shining sea' no less

With an added twist on your part

And 'string notes together to make a lick'

That's really a touch of class

- And after you started out, rhyming 'loo'

That's a leap which sets you apart

The idea of flapping pseudowires in the loo

Made me wonder where you were headed

But you don't let that image linger too long

And for that I'm sure we're indebted

I'm not sure how to end, this rhyme, now

So I'll say "Well done Doug, will you please take a bow".

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Hi Carol, thanks for the link

and welcome to IT

tho' I'm sure Clancy could tell you

it's not all it's cracked up to be

I started coding when I was 20 and now I'm 54

so I've seen a lot of changes come

walking through the door

I started on 8 bit micros and writing in assembler

now we have 64 bit platforms

running on vmware

cobol, fortran, apl, lisp and PL1

forth, and then pascal but C finally won

ebcdic gave way to ascii

now unicode reigns supreme

tho' I still write in C mostly,

Java now is queen

but if I could go back in time

to choose a path to take me far

I would stay clear of computers

and pick up my guitar

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Aah, Doug, that post's just perfect

See, everyone, what I mean?

They talk in code and symbols

(I didn't know Java is Queen)

Although you talk in riddles

I think I've been quite smart

'Cos I didn't stick my toe in Code

With you guys right at the start

Now you've got it sorted

I'm ready to take my bow

And climb up on the bandwagon

If only I could work out how....(purely and absolutely and only for the rhyme....not)

But hey, it's a work in progress

What's the worst, that could possibly happen....

I said that once, to someone

As they boarded onto a plane

How was I to know he feared

To fly and was quite insane?

It was an honest mistake, honest it was

He looked like he needed a laugh

The result was quite unfortunate

He was escorted off by the staff....

Oh such fun, it was hilarious

I laughed and laughed like a drain...

You might have realised, already

That it's me who's really insane.


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I'm just catching up

Watching the cricket vid.

Carol asked if I had seen it

Didn't want to say I had

But now I have

Can say I did

I digress

I am impressed

By anyone

Who tries those chillies

Far too hot

For my poor tongue

I've had madrass

And vindaloo

They're hot too

But all thing pass

No need to ask

It's personal

Ring of fire

Comes to mind

By Johnny Cash

That's rhyming slang

For a quick dash

Every half our to the loo

Oh curse, oh curse

You vindaloo

I can't converse on codes and stuff

I confess don't know enough

If all goes wrong and nothing works

I just come here and ask the experts

Now I must go, move on again

I've enjoyed this short refrain

Hope to come back very soon

A lot quicker than Brigadoon

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Hope to come back very soon

A lot quicker than Brigadoon......

Aah Chris, I do know that feeling

Of searching in vain for a rhyme

If it's late, and you're getting exhausted

You just write what comes into your mind

Sometimes, that can work out, fine,

And sometimes...it can sound a bit weird

But it also gives me, the chance

To mention, how I do like, a beard....

That was because of the rhyme of course

What I really wanted to do

Was to riff off Brigadoon, and start

A new topic on sporrons and food

I had a taste of real Haggis, once

One Burns Night in Bonnie Scotland

There were silver swords and bagpipes

(He didn't need anyone else for a band)

The Haggis was brought in, on a platter

Held aloft with sporrans a-swinging

It was certainly a night to remember

We spent most of it dancing and singing

I'm really a bit of a wimp when it comes

To eating offal, sewed up in sheep's stomachs

But I closed my eyes, and thought of England :)

And tried not to succumb, to the grummocks....

I expect by now I've confused you

And you're wondering, what 'grummocks' means

I could spin you a line, that it means 'cobblers' (load of)

But that's mean and would confuse you, old bean

The truth is I invented a whole new word

'Cos I needed a rhyme, as you do

So now, I'm right back, where I started

With words that rhyme well, with Brigadoon

So I'll bail out and say, Welcome back Chris!

I did like your Two Faced Girl tune

Now I'm off, 'cos it's well past my bed time -

I"ll catch up with you all again soon.

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Glad you liked the tune I did

Think I'm well rid of that girl

I'm sure someone has met her somewhere

With her big blues eyes and big blonde hair

With looks that kill and actions too

A girl like that would never do

Brigadoon's a great idea

Comes round once each hundred years

Everyone just stays the same

Repeating life over again

I don't know what they do unseen

I guess they just get on with things

Far from the madding crowd

Happy in their misty shroud

With Gene Kelly looking dapper

What a wonderful foot tapper

I saw the film but can't remember

If he stayed or went away

Back to the U.S. with his friend

And never saw the girl again

I'll have to watch it to discover

If he left or kept his lover

There is a grummock avenue

In Ramsgate down in Kent

I didn't really know that word

It meant nothing to me

But now I know

It's over here in England by the sea.

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When I was quite small, a long time ago

We went on our hols to Lyme Regis

I think that's quite close to Ramsgate?

(finding a rhyme for 'regis' is egregious) :sweatdrop

And they had a small railway there

That ran past the end of the garden

And we'd always, rush out and then stare

It was small but it also took passengers

We'd wave, and the driver waved back

It blew smoke, and steam, and a whistle

And had a big shiny bell, on it's stack

That was what passed for entertainment back then

The pebble beach made bucket and spade, redundant

I think I remember, there was mud at Margate -

And pink Poms, on parade, in abundance

Some wore hankies on their heads with knotted corners

That's a fashion that hasn't caught on

it's still goode for the balding gentleman

But I think, that you'd have to be, a Pom :)

That was a long time ago, now

I expect that the train got the chop

Maybe turned into Thomas Tank Engine?

But we really liked it a lot -

Maybe, the best thing in Lyme Regis

It wasn't the ideal holiday spot.

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After a little research

i'm now confused

Lyme Regis is in Dorset

And didn't have light rail

Margate is in Kent

but no tiny railway

And then, guess what - success :yeahhh:


Now I can get on

With what i do best -

Chocolate cake desert -

Now I've solved the mini-train quest

this pic shows the size:


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I like that railway, I'm into steam

My wife for my birthday fulfilled a dream

We went over to Paignton

In deepest Devon

And caught a steam train

That went to Totnes

Then got on a ferry

That went over to Dartmouth

Up the river Dart

Something rhymes with that

But I don't have the heart to say it

So I won't and instead

Finish the story and save my street cred.

We headed round Dartmouth

We shopped and had tea

Then got back on the train around about three

I hadn't been on a steam train for years

It was a surprise I may have shed tears

Or maybe not but I was quite elated

A present from my Wife

A girl I once dated before we were wed

I thought I irritated her, she wished I was dead

But she told me she loved me and gave me that gift

There wasn't a rift, it was all in my mind

And now we just hug and kiss all the time

Well that's not strictly true but it made a nice rhyme

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Bad luck, tinsmith

No signs of us quitting yet...

I did struggle with Lyme Regis though

Then inspiration struck

And the meaning was even appropriate!

Happy days!

PS you may have noticed

A bit of the carol m trickery

The lines above don't rhyme

But I tossed them off quite quickerly

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They had the right bounce, they right rhythm

But a contest with you Carol, would require writing precision...

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********************************* - Kanga just wrote that while I put the washing on...but is she sincere?

Not at all, young tinsmith :)

This thread is a game

No winners or losers -

(It helps to be insane)

We have a saying

Down here, in Oz

It's yelled out, at sports players

It's ironic - why? because,

When Aussies, gather, in a crowd

They like to shout and tell

Poor hapless, hopeless, stumblebums

They're not performing well

It goes like this, with beer in hand,

It's "- 'ave a go, yer mug!!"

They yell it from the grandstand

Far away from the sporting thugs

Who have to take it on the chin

When they itch to land a great big thud

On all the paunchy, drinkers' mugs....

The punters pay their entrance fee

For protection, not to see

One side win or one side lose

But to yell abuse, safeleee.

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No rhyming involved.....it still amazes me to see how quickly words spew from those.. fingertips.

You called me young...lolllol <3

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Indeed, young tinsmith, that I did -

I remembered from before

You said you weren't yourng, really

Well, at least, not any more

I like to think we're young at heart

As our bodies age and groan

I like to cheer up people

Who feel a bit age-prone

Me, I still believe I'm young

And tell folks if they ask

"I'm twenty eight tomorrow,

This face is just a mask"

I'm always ever-thoughtfull, see

I hate to make folks mad

Because they're not as young as me

And don't want to make them sad.

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Molly has given us another scare

Two days ago, she was unwell

Vomiting, tucked up, the same old story

So I looked in her bed for a 'Show and Tell'

There, buried deep in her blankets

A small piece of red rubber ball

She'd done it again like she did before!

We waited all day before making the call

To see if the blockage would clear

Around 5.30, that evening

She performed, and gave the 'All Clear'

It feels a bit weird, telling this, in rhyme

I dear say it would be, a 'first'

I blame my parents - it must have been them

Who gave me this rhyming curse

That's my excuse always, anyway,

It's handy cos they can't argue back

Blaming parents, for each chapter, and verse

Especially for all that I lack...like tact

It gets me in terrible trouble, you know

I don't know when, or how, to zip it

Then people get cross and start a big fight

I say, 'Gentlemen, please, that's not cricket'.

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I was just passing thought I'd say

I'm glad that Molly is okay

Now I'll head off, on my way

It's nearly bedtime

Work tomorrow

Helps to pay my bills

Doesn't fill with thrills

But I get paid

I'm not dismayed

As wages pay for holidays.

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I like your attitude, young Chris

It's a pain if your work is not fun

But it does pay the bills and holidays

And helps fill the family tum

It has always been my ambition

To retire early, after cashing up big

Somehow my plans went askew

Now I'm so old, and might, fall off my twig

Still no fortune, and no five star lifestyle

No mega mansion, or money to burn

But it's all worked out well, in the end, I supose

I'm still here, and not yet in an urn

I'm alive and can still feel my toes

If fact, I wouldn't be dead for quids....

That's a really silly phrase, if you think about it

If you're dead, you won't care about quids

I suppose it's for use by your Rellies

With their greedy little eyes on the prize...

I haven't told them yet, about all my unpaid bills

He He, they are in for a nasty surprise

I take pleasure in that thought, 'cos I'm callous -

I'll be laughing away, from my...oh dear

I hadn't thought that through to the end

But, before you shed crocodile tears

I can tell you right now, my dear friends

You're stuck with me for a long time yet

At least until next year ends - maybe longer if I can dodge the bullets.

P.S. Don't get your hopes up, I'm in perfect health.

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