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Guitar Pro or Finale Songwriter?

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I'm looking at getting one of these. Tabledit is a great tool but I like the export options of each of these.

I'm wondering if anyone can compare for me? I've downloaded demos and the only aspect I don't like about Guitar Pro is that you can't notate separate guitar lines in one staff as in Finale. Or, at least I haven't discovered their terminology for that.

Tracks are separated so that doesn't work as well.

OR, I'll buy the upgrade to Logic Express 8.

Tough decisions.. anyone have any feedback on those programs for me? I'm on a Mac.


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I don't know anything about Finale Songwriter, but in GuitarPro 5, you can add two voices to a staff. You have to switch to the appropriate voice before entering notes. The upper voice in GP5 is called "Lead" and the lower voice is called "Bass". There is a "Voices" item in the "Edit" menu and also buttons in the tool bar for switching between the two voices.

What export capability are you looking for that TablEdit doesn't have? You will probably find it is the most versatile of the three programs for entering multiple voice music. I often have three voices in one staff.

Check out the TablEdit tutorials at

TablEdit Tutorials

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It could be that the demo version of guitarpro you used, was restricted to only one instrument.... The full version allows you to have multiple intruments at once.

Im note sure i can see why you would want to notate multiple instruments on one staff?! perhaps im missing some funamental music thingy (i cant read music, period)

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Thanks guys... I didn't see that lead/bass the first time around, now I do!

The main reason for these choices is that I have an Apple Store gift card.. Tabledit isn't carried there but I've got the reader and have literally hundreds of tabledit scores so I considered that.

However, I don't think Tabledit exports to MusicXML yet?

Matt, sometimes in solo guitar, it's easier and more accurate to notate a second voice for complicated bass lines or harmony that is to be syncopated differently than the main melody.... usually when mathmatically, a measure can add up to more than a time sig allows.

You can find a lot of Classical guitar music, some jazz and fingerstyle country guitar written with multiple voices.

I'm just getting back into reading and notating more as it's so much easier to just play!


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Ahh, not unlike Tommy Emmanuelle's Daytripper/Lady Madonna.

See I dont count that as music... Not quite sure what it is yet, CG perhaps? Robotics of some sort? Guitarists hidden off stage? Perhaps some form of alien technology(skill?) far superior to our own??

Ive always used GP, and you can do it as Larry said. Just never saw any real point to it (then again, i cant read music either)


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TablEdit and GP5 both export MusicXML to varying degrees of accuracy. About a year and a half ago I was trying to establish some MusicXML standards with the developer, but it seemed to fall on deaf ears and eyes. It seems "Recordaire" is primarily concerned with Finale and Sibelius for MusicXML. It is a great concept, but falls short in actual practice, mostly related to how the DTDs are handled differently at the application level. At that time it did not have a full compliment of DTDs for handling guitar and tablature notation. Here is a link to a PDF of the standards I was trying to establish. There was almost no interest to what I had done.


To save MusicXML in TablEdit, do a normal save, but change the file type to MusicXML.

Both programs support multiple voices. GP5 limits you to two voices per staff, while with TablEdit you can shape the notes into as many voices as you want. Of course the max limit is probably three.

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