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To Nutty and Wern,


good luck with the playing. We all have problems that interfere with our playing and practice. My practice time is usually right after the kids leave for school and before I go to work. Or it is some time around midnight when everybody has gone to bed. Not the best times to practice. I do keep a cheap classical in my office at work, so I play my guitar for a few minutes for my "smoke break". The problem with that is I have about three people wanting me to teach them guitar now! My problem with playing is not concentration but in the arthritis in my hands. I love classical and playing chord-melodies, but they don't work so well some time. Especially with all the far reaching frets. I help this by changing keys to the key of A and now I have all these open strings A,D,E as the major chords so I don't have to worry about my base notes.

When I have problems with a piece, I go off and play something I know well and come back later to wrestle the beast (song I can't play) again. But, my issues are different than yours. Anyway, I am sure you will find a way to help your concentration. Maybe using one of those fancy playback devices that can change the speed or tempo and still sound good would be helpful. You can keep it going along with you at your speed. I don't know, I hav looked at them myself because I have a terrible time picking out chords and notes.


Mind maps have been around for a little while and made more famous with Tony Buzan. There are some nice expensive software packages out there to help you draw them, but really all you need is a blank piece of paper and a pencil. The sw programs never have the icon you want and they are limiting in creativity, but they can be edited and changed alot easier. Erasers make a mess sometimes :)

I hope I don't get into any trouble supplying links, but they are not to guitar sites. Here is a link to an article that briefly describes a mind map technique. Both just using lines and also with colors and drawing icons.

Learn how to draw Mind Maps with Mind Tools - MindMaps, Note Taking Skills & Techniques, and Reviews of Mind Mapping Software

Buzans web site is at imindmap. Nice but a little expensive. A free version made by the open software folks is called freemind. It doesn't have much in the way of art but it is good at organizing your thoughts with the branching.

Your child couldn't carry in a computer to class anyway so it is best to learn to draw them. Amazon has books on mindmaps and has one made for children. I don't have it with me, a friend has borrowed it or I'd give you the title. I have done papers at work, sermons, presentation notes and other things with them. I have all my notes on one page instead of multiple pages of a normal outline.

As far as the math, I just think of different ways of presenting the material to my daughter (when she was younger). The new math techniques or good for some things (what they are I do not know), so being old enough to remember the "old way" of doing things, sometimes she would learn these better.

I am not knocking teachers. They work very hard. Sometimes they are not the best choice for a subject and they cannot teach alternate methods because they do not know the methods themselves.

I hope your state has an IEP program where she can be tested and get some help. THis allowed my daughter extra time for tests and essays, and this helped her GPA and grades quite a bit. No A student but not flunking out anymore either.

Write back if you have questions, sorry for the length of the post.


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Thank you very much WernHalen and Steve.

I'll definitely check those sites out. Whatever tools I can find to help make this easier for her will be a blessing. She wants to be a doctor, so we'll have to get those grades up!

Thanks again.


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After browsing through the Audiblox site for a bit I mentioned it to the missus and she said we should get a set for the family. For our children specifically, but I think I would definitely benefit from a couple of exercises a week myself.

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Hey Wern, check out 'Taare Zameen Par' ...It's a good movie on dyslexia....its made it to the oscars from India this year...do check it out....not realted to guitaring:laugh: ....but shud touch each one of you since this thread is all about dyslexia....

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