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3 year old

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Hi everyone im going to buy a guitar for my wee nephew he will be 3 in janurary.

Any advice on what i should get him acoustic, electric and if its acoustic should i get him the non metal string one? i dont wana spend much to be honest for a start i havent got it haha and hes a crazy wee man so the guitar might end up being used for beating anything from his granny to the front door.

Thanks in advance for any advice its much appreciated.

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maybe a guitar isn't a good idea. he could accidentally break a string and injure himself.

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I don't necessarily agree that 3 is too young, this guy set out a programme for child prodogies.

The guitar and the 3 year-old child

This young man is cool remember he's only 3

Your Nephew would need a 1/4 or 1/2 size guitar budmonster but I can understand why you want a cheaper one because it could get a fair bit of abuse, have a look at these,.

The Kids Window - Stardust Music - Children's Electric Guitar

The Kids Window - Stardust Music - Toy Guitar Set

Guitar - One Quarter Size - Music Corner Ltd

NEW KIDS CHILD ELECTRIC GUITAR AMP PINK RED BLUE on eBay, also Other Electric Guitars, Electric, Guitars, Musical Instruments (end time 20-Dec-07 11:46:25 GMT)

Another option is guitar hero, if he's got a ps2 this is great fun, I put the basic one on as it's the cheapest but there is also guitar hero II and guitar hero III for xbox360.

HMV.com: games: Guitar Hero 2: Bundle Pack (2006)

Good luck with whatever you choose budmonster and have a good Christmas.:smilinguitar:



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I was thinking about getting my son a guitar too, but was worried about him being too young for a guitar...

Thanks for the link to the suzuki method. I wont be able to send him for tuition, not very many teachers for 3 year olds over here, but I will be able to use the info on the site to teach my son how to play... without alienating him form music altogether... Maybe I will learn a couple of things while I am at it...

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