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Kirk Lorange

A couple of improvs

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We had fun recently over at the PlaneTalkers' Forum. A few members have Band In A Box and I sent them my chord chart for Georgia, one that I've been tweaking and chopping and changing over the years. Two members then programmed BIAB and out came these neat renderings. Seeing how it's not really the progression nor the melody, I figure there's no copyright problem with me uploading these two improvisations I did over two different renditions of the progression.

As always, I did these by knowing the chords, not by thinking about scales. Why? Because scales are way too much for my old brain to think about. The chords, which you need to know anyway, hold all the information needed to make melody ... you just need to know how to look at the fretboard. :winkthumb:

Nylon string version:

Resonator slide:

You'll hear that we need to figure out the ending still!

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Nice!, after struggling in improvisation since i started,and after reading scale and mode books, and still not getting very far , i am going to bite the bullet and get plane talk, i've just decided.

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A nice,easy going song you'vr got ther Kirk.Slow and beautiful.Allthough when it comes to improvising I think one has got to have it in his blood,in his DNA.Anyone can make music but it takes a real artist to create a masterpiece!...In order to explain myself better and not be misunderstood I must say that I was not talking about you Kirk,but generally.I think that someone can not really learn how to improvise and create great songs,he will come up with good songs but not with the ones that make history...

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