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This is not necessarily a technical question, but one that concerns me nonetheless.........

UGB, I'm after some peace of mind please. I have got into a habit since I bought my guitars of putting them away in their cases after I'm finished playing. Is this necessary since I play every day? Or, am I doing the right thing?:helpsmili


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there's no safer place than the case. I usually keep my nicer guitars in cases or gigbags all the time and keeep a beater or two on a stand close to my pc where I record. Well, even though they're beaters, they're still great playing guitars. One day I was soloing away on my electric beater when I bent the B string up for a note and as it slid across the 13th fret or so where the G string normally lives, the string suddenly and dramatically dropped down into a brand new gouge that developed in the fret.:( I'm guessing my kids were playing a game on my pc and got too excited and shoved my pc chair into the guitar sitting on the stand one foot away and the contact point was directly on the G string directly over the 13th fret. So now I have to replace the entire neck or pay the same it would cost for a new neck to get a fret job done. You can't replace just one fret and go. If you pop one new fret in, then you have to level and crown the entire neck. At that point, I'm better off just getting a new neck. Even though it's a beater, I hate it man. That was a sweet playing guitar.

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Thanks UGB!

I think I'll continue to put them in their cases when I'm finished playing.

Sorry to hear about your beater though.


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