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Tascam Us-122

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I bought one of these widgets and now trying to learn the software ( Cubase LE ).

I recorded a track that I want to export as a .wav file so I can play back and lay down some lead but everytime I try to to do an audio mixdown it say ...


Where / what are these ? :helpsmili I have searched the manual high and low and I don't have a friggin clue .

Can anybody out there in GFB land give me hint ? 20:1 it is right in front of my face.

Mucho Gracias


In Twang we trust.

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Hi mjwjr, I can't help you myself, but hang around, somebody will soon come to your rescue. All the info you will ever need is on this forum somewhere, or some-one will post a link for you, no worries.

Good luck :)

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