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carol m

Noise & Interference When Recording

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Also, did you use the "guitar" setting when you plugged your acoustic/electric in?

I did. This is because the unit has a switch right above the 'line in' port that says mic /guitar and I read the instructions.

I'm also going to be picking up an M-Audio 88-key MIDI keyboard hook up to my computer. So I'll be diving into the wonderful world of MIDI, this should be fun.....

Sounds great. I'll be doing the same. Maybe "duelling MIDI'S"? And I'm sure a new computer will make you very happy. A good plan.

I gotta admit, I was a "little" skeptical about that unit, but it looks like you scored big time with it. -tkr

Yes, I was also a little worried that I would get it and it wouldn't fix the problem, but overall the risk of that against the new and upgraded model at twice the price was more of a risk - with the new one there was a real risk that it wouldn't work at all on my computer.

Believe it or not, another one of that same out of date model has turned up on ebay. The bidding is so far about equivalent to the one that I got, but I'll watch it and see what it goes for. After my success on ebay, its tempting to browse there - they make it so easy! :ohmy:

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