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Have You Found "Your" Sound?

Have you found "your" signature sound?  

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  1. 1. Have you found "your" signature sound?

    • Yes. I have found my signature sound.
    • I'm getting close to my own sound.
    • I still sound like _________ . (fill in the blank)
    • No. I do not have my own sound yet.

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I'd have to say yes and no.

No, because as I play, no matter what type of song, I sometimes get that feeling like I'm putting too much 'me' into the tunes. Is that a bad thing?? Probably not, but I guess I mean that I sometimes feel 'stuck in a rut' that I can't get away from sounding like me (or better said, that I'm not expanding my horizons to sound different or better).

Yes, I think I have found my sound. I'm a combination of many influences, that's for sure! It can sound funny to say, but my 'signature' acoustic style of playing is heavily reflected in my electric style of playing and vice-versa. When using a flatpick, a big part of my sound is how I hold the pick (I choke up pretty radically and often play using the nail of my index finger at the same time).

I use pinch harmonics on acoustic quite a bit and strum using the pick and my index fingernail at the same time.

I often play electric, even on heavy distorted sound, using a hybrid picking pattern and of course throw in the pinch harmonic and index fingernail sounds.

I've been a Les Paul guy for years. I love that deep, long lasting distortion. Since I got a PRS, I've discovered just how rich and deep sounding these axes really are. They have miles of tone built in ready for the taking. My signature electric tone is somewhere between a Santana and a Gary Richrath and a Eddie Van Halen-type sound!

I'd have trouble explaining my acoustic tone. It's got alot of James Taylor influence.

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Well this is probably a question for someone who's been playin at

least 10 years (in general) but i think "your" sound has alot to

do with right hand technique. You can add more to your sound from

the left hand (bends and such) but its more the right hand hitting

the strings. The right hand also can go tho changes of course, but

its still your hand and brain unique to you

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I have found my sound............its slide and my Tele with a P-90 in the neck. Its rooted in the blues, sometimes slow and spacey, sometimes fast and mean. I play clean or distorted with or without effects all depending on the emotion I am trying to achieve. I try to be melodic. A thousand notes per minute dont do as much for me as two or three with feeling.

I love tube amps, but also like the modelling amps for the amount of different tones available.

My main setup is my Tele w/P-90, Brass slide, Tweed Deluxe 5e3 amp, for effects a Verbzilla Reverb , Echo Park delay , MXR EVH phasor, Barber Small Fry overdrive.

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