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recording not in stereo?

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hi just tried reording forthe first time. i got a copy (lent) from a bud of audition and cubase. ive manged to record some chords and some solo but its only coming on one channel. ive put my guitar thru a pedal and connected it to my souncard with a stero jack. but it wont record in stereo?? yet when i play thru revalver it comes out in stero?

also i want to post it up here so i can c wot u peeps think as i only been playing 3 years and would like to hear what u think. how do i upload it or do i have to upload some where else and link it

thx in adv

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When you open the post box,scroll down to the manage attachments button. Click and then click browse to find your file. Hit upload. The file needs to be in a supported format like mp3 so if you have recorded it as a wav, file you need to convert it.

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