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Does anyone know how to convert video formats?

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[Not convert as in steal i.e. convert a car:helpsmili ]

I have many guitar video clips, some in Windows format, some in quicktime & others in Real Media, & now thanks to Google Video & You Tube some in flash format (.flv).

My Nero software claims to be able to convert Quicktime to Windows but doesn't, but I do have Movie Shop which does but I am still working out how to do that. I would like to be able to convert all the above types to Windows format as that would be the easiest for me to edit and put on a VCD/DVD.

Does anyone know how to convert any of the above formats to Windows format, for free?

Looking forward to your replies


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Hey Dan

You can do it with all types of video convertor utilities, but you have to buy them. I dont exactly know any free software for doing it, but i'll just checkout and come back to you.



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Thanks for your replies,

Yes I have searched for many hours looking for a free convertor in the past, but alas they all have limitations i.e. watermarks or only 30-60 seconds of conversion. Maybe I will have to buy one. Mind you there is talk that MS & the Real people are slowly working out there differences & in the future there may be codecs that opens the other, time will tell. :(

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