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Kirk Lorange

100,000 plays

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Sometime in the next few days my Soundclick site, where I have a bunch of my tunes posted, will hit 100,000 plays ... that is the total number of plays for all the tunes I have there. Who would have imagined even 5 years ago that someone sitting on a hilltop in Australia could get such wide recognition without even having a record out?

Go have a listen to my tunes here.

I highly recommend this site for anyone who wants to post their tunes for public consumption. They must be your original tunes, of course. It's free and easy to configure.

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Thanks for sharing Captain !!!:) checking it out now...


You and Clancy, and all other officials (mods) here have really made this place a wonderful one and its reaaly changed our lives (atleast mine) thanks for everything guys. You all really Rock !!!!:rockon::thumbup:

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what do you expect kirk you are a kick A$$ guitarist lol. thats pretty cool man congrats and thanks so much i have learned more guitar here than i have in 5 years!


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