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Acoustic Score!

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Ok... So I traded 3 old fishin rods that I never use(they were my dad's) to some 82 year old guy who wanted to get rid of the three acoustic guitars he had in his house.

I would like some help identifying them if you could help me please. They all are in need some nice TLC, but are in ok condition and sound pretty decent.

Guitar 1:

3/4 size beginners guitar it seems. He says it's at least 50 years old, and looking at it, I believe him. Brass stop-piece and tuners. Is assumed to be mahogany wood... EDIT: Forgot to mention, it has a V shaped neck.




Guitar 2:

Kingston acoustic that looks very purty, no idea when it was made... Believed to be mahogany back and sides...




Guitar 3:

No idea what it is, anyone recognize the logo? It is serial or model number WJ202. That is all I know...




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Nice trade eX

Kingston guitars, along with other brand names, were manufactured by Teisco, a Japanese company, though yours appears to be made in Korea, and imported into the USA in the early 60s. Kingston are still in business, Google Kingston guitars or vintage guitar magazine for more info. #3 could be another Kingston, huge numbers were sold in the flower power/ hippy era. I think some guy is asking for pics and info on older Kingstons as few seem to have survived. :wheelchai Cheers. Tony

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