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???cheaper gibson les paul version vs the standard more expensive gibson les paul

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:dunno: is the cheaper version of the gibson les paul (Gibson Les Paul Vintage Mahogany Electric Guitar) any close the the standard gibson les paul?

it cost about $800 compared to the standard which is about $1500-$2000.

the body is mahogony top and back with rosewood fingerboard. how does it effect the feel and tone? the standard lp is maple top and mahagony back.

there are bad and goodreviews but im interested in this guitar so im trying to get more opions.

the standard looks a lot better than the cheaper version but im more interested in the feel, action, frets, mobility of the neck, the electronics, and most importantly the tone.

with this kind of price, can you really get a fat gibson tone? or does it sound like the epiphone les paul?

im going to test it at the store later this week though

meanwhile tell me what you think:)

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The maple used for tops (especially if it's particularly pretty maple) is much more expensive than most woods, and they don't tend to make a huge difference in the sound, as they aren't really coupled to the neck. They can make a huge difference in looks, which is why anyone goes to the expense of adding them.

For differences in sound, you might want to think of a 100% mahogony LP as being an SG with a thicker, heavier body. Listen to Carlos Santana, John Cioppolina, or whatever SG-wielding guitar god you fancy, and notice whatever you can that seems different from a Les Paul. Now eliminate half of that difference, because of the heavier LP-style body design.

If they didn't skimp on other details of manufacturing, I don't think the difference in sound would be anything most people would ever notice.

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