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Any good software for effects?

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I was at a former neighbor's house when he plugged his electric guitar into his computer and showed me a program called cube or something. He said he was using a plugin for it called FreeAmp. He could get some really cool effects from it and obviously now I want something like it. Cube is an expensive program but the plugin FreeAmp is free. You can use the plugin to other programs as well such as Fruity Loops which is not as expensive but I still won't buy it.

What software do you use to get some cool effects to your guitar?

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Tekker lesson...


However, I've never had any luck with using software FX and realtime recording. Never could get rid of the latency.

My advice would be to get something like this....

Buy Line 6 TonePort UX1 USB Recording/Modeling Interface at Musician's Friend

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