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A beginner's super-budget Collins CD28CE

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£56.98 including delivery for an electro-acoustic...






6 string Dreadnought with cutaway. Spruce (not solid) top, mahogany back and sides, black high gloss finish. Active pick-up, and 4 band active EQ.

Key points I've observed:

  • Action is lower than the £25 acoustic I have, but still a fair bit higher than my stratocaster copy.

  • Quite sexy, but you can tell it's a cheap guitar if you look closely at the joints and the fretboard paintjob.

  • The string ball-ends doesn't go right into the bridge holes...

  • Some string buzzing from the bridge area, which is suppose to be fixable from what I read...

I'll have some MP3 up tomorrow to get some expert opinions on the sound of the guitar... Just random strumming and picking of course...

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What a beauty! I'm amazed you can get a guitar that looks so good for so little money. I hope it sounds good too - hard to believe it wouldn't be at least OK. You probably know this already, but you should check out http://www.guitarforbeginners.com/forum/playing-guitar/890-brand-new-playing-guitar-read-first/

and a really good 'song' to start with is http://www.guitarforbeginners.com/forum/beginners-lessons/1337-true-beginner-heres-lesson-you/

Have fun :)

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Your link did not take me to the file, but to a signup page. Nice looking guitar, looking forward to hearing how it sounds.

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Sounds good... in the beginning. Right after the Wish you were here riff it was clipping badly in the strumming. Records real nice when you have the level right though. Looks like a great buy.

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Yes that sounds pretty good, nice one Dishwasher, Collins have a good range of budget guitars and I would think they hold their own against some of the package deals on sale so at that price it 's a good buy, have fun, thanks for the post always good to hear people, oh and by the way some really good pictures there.



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