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I've got to put a new neck on my Washburn

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I have a Washburn Lyon series Fat Strat that I swapped out the stock pickups and slapped some Carvin pickups in, including TwinBlade humbuckers in the middle and neck positions. I also popped in a mini 'always on' toggle switch to add the bridge pickup in with the 5 way selector to positions 4 and 5 for a total of 7 pickup positions. The charm of this guitar was that it was cheap, $50 at a pawn shop, and even after the upgrades, new pots, etc, it was still under $125. Somehow, I'm guessing my kids slammed my pc chair into it, the 3rd string got smashed into the 13th fret leaving a nice, big divot.:( Now when I bend the 2nd string it slides, then 'pings' as it drops into the divit.:( To replace one fret means an entire fret leveling job and being a Mighty Mite parts dealer I can buy a whole new neck for about the same price, so that's what I'll have to do. I hope the new neck plays awesome and lets me fall in love with the guitar again. The mojo it had going for it was being a killer guitar at a cheap price. It's not going to be that cheap anymore.

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Sorry to read that you may have to replace the neck.

I guess it's a real bummer when something like that happens.

I hope the new neck works out good for you though!

Let us know how it goes!


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Well that sucks. I have two words for you, Military School.LOL. At least you now have an out for the current allowance increase campaign yur kids have been waging lately.

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