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My current guitar lineup

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Wow. That's not a line up. That's a guitar store. Very nice indeed.

I'll second that. At first thought I was looking for the price tags hanging on an inventory like that....:D

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Here's a brief description of each:

The front center on the floor is a 50's vintage Electro steel and to it's right is a Vox Mando Guitar. The Mando Guitar is a mutant with 12 strings in 6 unison pairs and is tuned one octave higher than guitar. It sounds like an electric mandolin. Behind the lapsteel is a Taylor Baby acoustic guitar. Small enough to fit in the overhead bin on a commercial airliner. It sounds pretty good for it's size.

On the far left is a Yamaha BB300 bass. A pretty good basic bass guitar. Neck is good and it sounds a bit like a P-bass.

On the floor in front is a Guild (JF30-12)12 string. I was looking for a 12 string guitar with a Rickenbacker 360-12 in mind. I found a couple of Ricks in stores, but could not get one to play to my liking, even after doing some setup work. I saw this Guild and thought to myself that I would have to get something more "high end" to make me happy, but I picked it up and tried it anyway. I found it delightful. It plays well and has the tone I had in mind for a 12 string acoustic. Jangley, but not tinny. It sounds great! I like it with .012 through .054 strings and tuned down 2 half steps

An Applause (Japanese Ovation) flattop bass is somewhat hidden behind the Guild 12 and the Modulus bass. Kind of nice for sitting around a campfire, but I have not used it on any recordings.

Next, behind Guild 12 string is a Modulus VJ Bass. Modulus used several excellent Jazz Bass examples from the 60's to model this after. The body size and shape, the woods and especially the exact pickup placement were duplicated and matched with a Modulus carbon fiber composite neck with the shape of an old Jazz Bass neck. This Bass sounds very much like the '64 Jazz Bass I had once upon a time. Perhaps a little more snap and high end, but pretty good. The neck is great and it plays like a dream. It has the Bartolini J-Bass pickups.

To the right of the Modulus bass is a '58 reissue ES-335. Nice figuring in it's maple, but it's a little hard to see in this photo. I had gone into the store for strings and went home with the guitar.

Next is the blue 2003 Tom Anderson Guitarworks Hollow Drop Top. This is the best electric guitar I've ever owned. It sounds and feels wonderful! A noticable step up in quality, even compared with very nice guitars!

Next is the black Line6 Variax 700. A very recent addition to the collection. It has simulations of 26 guitars and most sound pretty good. The Rick 12 string sound is one of my favorites.

Next to the Variax is a 2000 Collings OM3C. Wow! What can I say? This is a fabulous guitar and my current favorite, as it has been for over 5 years.

To the right of the Collings is a 1962 Gibson Special. This is what is called an SG, but this model did not have the SG designation in '62. In '62 this shape was called "Les Paul" and this one is the "Special" with P-90s. Mmmmm! On the far right is an early 80's Les Paul Custom. It's a 3 piece top with great figured maple. This was made before the flame top Standard reissues. It just got figured maple by chance. It screamed at me for a couple months from it's spot on the rack in the store (it came in while I was working at the store) until I relented and bought it.

Back Row

Far left in the back row is a 1980 Guild Mark 3 classical guitar. It's a nice guitar I picked up cheap used. It sounds and plays quite well.

Next right is a 1979 Martin HD-28. When Martin reissued the herringbones in 1976, the owner of the store would hold back the best one (in his opinion) from each shipment of several guitars. When a new shipment would come in, they would be compared with the guitar held back and the best one again would be saved. This had gone on for several shipments when I started working at the store. A new supply of HD-28s came in and the one in this photo was so much better (my opinion) than all the others including the held back winner from before that I went into debt to buy it. I still think it is one of the best guitars I have every had the pleasure of playing. It's also very loud!

Next right is a 1958 Martin 00-18. This guitar records great! It sounds great and well balanced. Plays well too.

To the right of the 00-18 is a 1918 Gibson L1. This is a round hole archtop guitar. The L1 might have had a pickguard (there are small screw holes) and the original ivory tuning machine buttons have crumbled away, but otherwise in very good shape and with the original case. The neck is a tree but the action is pretty good.

Next is my '57 reissue Stratocaster. I love this guitar. I've owned about 25 Strats and this is the only one I've kept. This has been my main electric guitar for years, replaced as main guitar by the Tom Anderson recently.

Next to the right of the Strat is a black "Roland Ready" Strat. Basically a decent made in Mexico Strat with Roland guitar synth pickup and controls built-in. Not a bad strat as just a strat, but I use it to drive a Roland guitar synth.

Back row far right is a '52 reissue Telecaster. Great guitar. It's a brick, almost as heavy as the Les Paul.

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And I thought I had gas. From the vintage of some of some of those axes I'd say you're an old fart like me!


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Very nice Rocker,

Man, that's like the guitar altar! Hail to Rockerbob! :rockon:

I am more likely to hear to Hell with Rockerbob! Especially from my wife! :rolleyes:

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Nice Collection RockerBob !! I am impressed with your collection....collect on....I would like to pittle a bit with those from time to time... by the way I am $48.50...u got me by a bit..he he he he he he he he he

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