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Straight or curved

How do you hold the neck of a guitar?  

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  1. 1. How do you hold the neck of a guitar?

    • Hold the guitar without your wrist bending
    • put your thumb under the neck in the middle and straight wrist
    • Depends on how you are playing
    • I have no clue what you talking about!

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I am new to guitar and i was looking through the internet for ways advanced way to hold a neck. one said you should hold the guitar without your wrist bending and the other said you should keep your thumb under the guitar parallel to your pointing finger (lol dont know real name for it) i tried to do both at the same time and established that i am iether doing it wrong or one of ther websites is wrong?

Any of you experts or novice players have any advice or does it matter at all?


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This may be what your talking about. The wrist straight is for playing by keeping your thumb resting along the side or slightly over the top of the neck. Very popular with old time players who fretted the bottom strings with their thumbs. Notice it puts the neck in the palm of your hand. That means your fingers are slanted at the fretboard which is great for sloppy blues and doing double stops. Hendrix and SRV did this a lot though when they played intricate riffs the thumb would start to creep around behind the neck. A bent wrist gives you better accuracy for single note playing. Classical guitarists, shredders and finger pickers tend to do the thumb behind the neck for that reason as well as it is much easier to reach for notes or chord notes over a wide span. You will find over time,you will probably do bits of both as needed without thinking. I would start with the bent wrist since it is easier to go to the thumb over later than the other way around. Hope I am answering the question your asking.LOL I am sure Nelsonite can go into more detail about this.

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i have been curving my hands so thats good. And so far I think it is easier than keeping my thumb under it. and ya you know exactly what i am talking about ty. If anyone else has any pinions plz tell me I really want more insight.

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