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A Blue Million Microphones --- Help!! ---

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Well, it's been an experience for sure. I bought a hardware compressor, simple plug it up an play.... only that ain't how it played out. I still have no clue what happened. Suffice it to say Windows hiccuped and hosed my sound system. After much install/reinstall of software and the purchase of a new sound card things still didn't work. I jicky-jacked with every conceivable part of the Windows sound system and finally got sound to work again. But alas, no record. But after more tweaking, google searching and face it, numerous beers and some serious cussing, I finally got the "Frog Studio" back in order.

And today I ordered a new piece for the studio. A Behringer Ex3200 Ultrafex Pro Enhancer. I might not plug it in. I might just set it on the studio desk and look at it.

Re: Epiphany ....

Sorry fly for not expounding. I probably overstated my "epiphany". It was perhaps more like a light bulb that got turned on. I had just realized how little I really knew about and used my UB1202 mixer. I should be drawn and quartered. Well, maybe drawn and 1/16th'd. ;)

I have recently learned quite a bit about mixers, compressors, mic's and such. Matter of fact, along with the EX3200 I've ordered an Audio-Technica PRO 61 Hypercardioid Dynamic Microphone. I'm doing away with my MXL 990 condenser for vocals and switching to the AT. The MXL will be re-tasked to acoustic guitar recording for now. Reason being, the condenser is made for a "quite" studio. As you know, the Frog's Studio is an Open Aire studio, which includes ambient noise from TV, ceiling fans, grandkids, computers, dogs, cats, toys, John Deere Tractors and what ever else can make noise within half-a-mile radius. In other words, the MXL has a tendency to pick up way too much background noise which in turn causes a muddy sound. With the new AT, I believe my vocals will tighten up and become cleaner. Well, we'll see. The proof will be in the Christmas Pudding, as it were.



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It will be interesting to hear what your new setup sounds like, Les. As for mics, I think that it's a very personal choice. Some people sound better on different mics. I'd suggest renting some and trying them out. There's a music store around where I live that rents really high end mics (like the neumann that Steve suggested) for pretty cheap. Or perhaps rent some time in a studio that is well equipped and try out their mics.

I think Audio Technica mics are pretty good value (I have an AT3035) - I hope your new one works out well for you.

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