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Received planetalk a few days ago.

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i just read the book, ill get to the dvd in a while...

its so simple, there wasnt anything i didnt know in the book, but for some reason it changed the way i looked at the guitar forever.

it will never be the same.

by the way, should i keep experimenting with the new world that has opened to me with the book, and then when im kinda, less fresh, catch the dvd and do some more? or should i administer the full dose right now?

thanks a lot, and i super recommend it!

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just watched the dvd, didnt do much for me... i sorta snapped with just the book

but ive heard people going the other way round, so nevermind, hope i get authorizathion for the private forum soon


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Received mine a few days ago. Very, very cool stuff. There is a lot of information to absorb and it's not an overnight type of teaching for sure. Well worth the money in my opinion and it's already helping me get ideas.

The simplicity is what I like about it. Though it seems like a ton to learn, I really believe that it will sink in with time and practice. You have to apply this knowledge to learn it. I've already had one "A-HA" moment and looking forward to the many "A-HA" times that will surley come.

It basically breaks the guitar down to where a child could comprehend it (though most children are smarter than the average adult anyways haha). I give it two thumbs up and two snaps in a circle!!! By far the most comprehensive teaching I've ever seen that is broken down into concepts that can easily be absorbed with application.

The slide rule alone is worth it's weight in gold.

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