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New Lesson: Lead Guitar Techniques -- Falling Leaves

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Thanks Steve,

I've read through your explanation, I haven't absorbed it completely but from what I see I'm sure I'll be able to, I hadn't been thinking along those lines, it probably won't be until tomorrow that I will be able to spend some time with it and get it firmly implanted in my brain, but the knot that I've been carrying around in my forehead has already started disipating.

Thanks a million.


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Ok Steve,

By you explaining the systematic progression of the the C scale in a downward direction and how systematic the ands fall in there, I now have a pretty firm grasp (mathematically) on what's going on, from the beginning I've been able to play the same progression starting with the open B string using the 1st 4 fret area by ear, I don't have to think at all, my fingers just automatically go to the right place.

I still have a problem mentally grasping the 1 step back, 1 step forward, and 2 back, 2 forward, but I'm sure that's just a little glitch in my brain, and I'm going to have to quit thinking about it.

I can remember when my kids were young and even though I unerstood how daylight savings time changed things, when I would try explaing it to my kids, about the getting light earlier or later and the same with getting dark, I would end up confusing myself.

It was probably only 15 years ago when my mom gave me a tip on how to remember when CA & AZ were on the same time and when there was 1 hour difference, it was Same in Summer.

I never could remember before hearing that.

Thanks again Steve for taking your precious time to help me out, and listening to my garble.


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