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Best Guitar Solo

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Hi there,

I almost zoomed straight past this because there are so many different styles and all great in their own ways. Personally I think a lot of the rock stuff, although technically brilliant is lacking in something,maybe soul, it almost becomes a kind of musical cliche' to me.

Ok, bearing that in mind my overall winner would be Ernie Isley's solo on "Who's That Lady" followed by the very excellent but none showy wah solo in Bob Marley's "Stir It Up".

My favourite guitarist right now is Oliver Mtukudzi, TUKU, from Zimbabwe and although his style is not upfront and dazzling, every time he touches the strings he seems to create magic. He plays good all the time and I think a TUKU solo happens when everyone else just eases back to let his guitar shine through. Love it.

If I could come up with either of those,(I don't mean copying but to have done it in the first place), then I would be a happy chappy. I'm a happy chappy anyway just trying to do my own thing....

All the best, Gordon.:smilinguitar:

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