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Thanks, The Tak 12 is a keeper, i tried a lot of them and could not find one under $1000 that was as sweet sounding or as easy to play.

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the MusiciansFriend in KC is moving to a new building and they had all the scatch and dent stuff marked down an additional 20%, so i was going thru it all hoping to find a bargain.

anyway, i was about to give up when one of the salespeople asked if they could help me. i told him i was hoping to find a small practice amp and this had just been returned.

i picked this up for $60.



it's brand new as far as i can tell and the complaint that it "crackled when i turned it off" has not happened to me once in the several hours i've been messing with it.

silly kid probably had it turned up really loud and his cable input probably made some noise.:wub:

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Before getting my Legacy halfstack recently I played a Fender Princeton Chorus combo amp. Fender makes fantastic amps. That one of yours should sound great!!

I know what you mean about the attenuator. I keep knocking the dust off the shelves with mine.

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