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Kirk Lorange

New Lesson: Bossa Nova Rythm Guitar

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I've just uploaded a new finger style Bossa Nova rhythm guitar lesson. I kept any barre chords out of it, so even though I'd class it as 'intermediate', I think some of you beginners will also be able to get your fingers around this one. The Bossa Nova is a beautiful rhythm, basically a Samba, and I've used some nice flavored chords ...

Bossa Nova Rhythm Guitar Lesson

I hope you like it!

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Oh Man!!! This is the best yet. Far out!

Thanks so much Kirk, for doing this. Got my right hand on my tummy, my left hand at shoulder height and my hips are grooving to the music. I think I'm going to be late for work cause I gotta pick up my guitar and try this one. I'll tell my boss that I blame it on the bossa nova ;).

Those transistions from the domV chords are magical.

thanks again, Kirk - you're an amazing musician - gonna start calling you Antonio Carlos.

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I love it Kirk! I think it's above my present talents, but I'm saving it to give it a go and set as a goal for the future!!! Thanks.:unsure:

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