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Found 1 result

  1. ara numan

    Hello Everyone!

    Hello! I wanted to join to explore more about guitar playing. Learn techniques and style, and learn new music. I liked the instrumental, emotional, and sad ones but I didn't want to stick to it, I want to explore. I didn't play the guitar much except last month when I dusted my old guitar and appreciated the messy paint I did to it some few month ago. I then started to play Lucas the Spider's "Musical Spider" (The only friendly spider I know aside from Charlotte) and enjoyed it. I then thought of making another cover for Lucas the Spider's "Encore" because they are really short and I didn't think I can complete some more than 3 minute guitar cover just yet. I had calluses but I was proud. I thought of it as something like "no pain, no gain" though it wasn't painful but numb. Last week, I went to challenge myself by making a guitar cover for a longer song and completed it but was not totally satisfied due to the mute my fingers make when note or chord changing. This is what I want to practice next, how to position fingers in the fret board to lessen unwanted mute and I wish to learn it from all of you. Here is a video of how I played the Lucas the Spider - Musical Spider https://youtu.be/TR8aPerOhs0 And here is the video last week where you can hear unwanted mute and a little shaky fingers when transitioning. This is what I want to fix https://youtu.be/MXw4FQt5CN0 Let me know if I have to move this links somewhere else. Thank you