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    Welcome Graham
  2. 6string

    Howdie ya'll

    Welcome David Party On!
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    New to the forum

    Welcome Ste
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    New kid in town

    Welcome JvW
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    _Hillbilly_71_ Introduction

    Welcome Hillbilly71
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    Hello there....

    Welcome Rixter
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    Q&A: Musicality and Giftedness

    perhaps the "gift" is the drive & focus
  8. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Repeat_sign
  9. :Ii <--- is a repeat sign. you go back to the other repeat sign --> ll: and repeat the section once. The initial time thru you play the bar with the 1 under the line but skip that bar the 2nd time thru and continue at the part with the 2 under the line.
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    Hello, everyone!

    Welcome Amandsy
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    Guitar Sound "Mr Jones" Counting Crows

    I totally guessing here but it sounds to me like its just an electric or acoustic/electric guitar through an amp with little or no effects.
  12. Yes its done manually. They are developing software but its not even close yet, can't even consistently get the chords correct. Its usually done by people with naturally talented ears. It can be assisted by slow down technology. Understanding basic theory also helps.
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    Welcome ralimaru
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    Hello World!

    I've consulted with the rule book and your okay on this one. Good to hear of your good start.
  15. 6string

    Child size guitar

    My sister bought a cheap one and I couldn't even tune it. Waste of money, can't even sell it because it's useless.
  16. 6string

    Child size guitar

    Clancy's link shows a 1/8 size that's similar in price to the 1/2 Not sure you're going to find anything brand new in your price range that would be decent.
  17. 6string

    Child size guitar

    1/4 is pretty small, a 1/2 or 3/4 might be better and less expensive.
  18. 6string

    Child size guitar

    What about a Ukulele?
  19. 6string

    finding chords in a song

    I would query the chords of what ever key it's in and try those. Assisted with some slowdown technology. You can decrease the speed on most youtube videos.
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    Forum back up and running.

    Good work
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    Hello World!

    Some people will switch the strings on the guitar or turn it upside down (Jimi Hendrix style) , never heard of it with a piano.
  22. 6string

    Hello World!

    Welcome Paul There is such thing as a left handed piano (bass on right and treble on left)(admittedly they are rare) but most left handed people don't even consider them.
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    Hey guys and gals

    Welcome Guitar Goober
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    Welcome Novice
  25. Welcome popster, sounds like you're off to a good start. May your luck continue.