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  1. 6string

    Urgent - Guitar chords request

    it was free for me. for this song anyway. This one works on chordify, different singer and key. https://chordify.net/chords/sara-raza-khan-jeevay-jeevay-pakistan-dew-music For your link/singer https://chordify.net/chords/jeevay-jeevay-pakistan-by-shahnaz-begum-original-video-pakkorner the chords are there but the vid doesn't work.
  2. If you buy it from a store it should already be set up & tuned. You can also put a pickup in any regular acoustic then you have the option of interchanging it with others.
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    Q&A: Musicality and Giftedness

    perhaps the "gift" is the drive & focus
  12. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Repeat_sign
  13. :Ii <--- is a repeat sign. you go back to the other repeat sign --> ll: and repeat the section once. The initial time thru you play the bar with the 1 under the line but skip that bar the 2nd time thru and continue at the part with the 2 under the line.
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    Guitar Sound "Mr Jones" Counting Crows

    I totally guessing here but it sounds to me like its just an electric or acoustic/electric guitar through an amp with little or no effects.