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  1. Long time no post.... Heres a cover of Midnight Tango. Obviously I'm just average. So i just skip those fast tuns & outro.
  2. Father Goose

    Midnight Tango (Al Di Meola cover)

    Electric Rendezvous. That was how I was introduced to Al Di. Funny that I was attracted to its album cover and bought it on a whim. Didnt know who Al Di was at that time! Blew me away . He picks EVERY SINGLE THING and his speed and accuracy, WOW. Well. Midnight Tango is the "easiest" lols. Picked it up by ear at first but had to rely on tabs esp for the fast runs (and I still cldnt nail it). I tried Ritmo De La Noche etc. too but only managed the intro Thanks for giving this a listen. You should try it sometime
  3. Father Goose

    Midnight Tango (Al Di Meola cover)

    Hi RB! How're you doing? Thx for the listen. I love Al Di Meola's early works. You should give him a listen. This cover? Heheheh... phrasing out the door, sour notes, timing off