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    Washington state
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    Retired-I now just sit around and be good looking.

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    Guitar, motorcycles---I loves my Harley--, whippet rescue, motorhoming.

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I live in Washington state, a bit older than most in here, (68) and am retired from radiology. I worked several hospitals in the Seattle and Everett area, mostly ER and surgery in the last few years.

I have always wanted to play guitar but was too busy working and raising a family so now that I can sit back and relax a bit I am giving it a try.  I have absolutely no goals in mind except to learn a bit about music theory and play some songs that have pleased me over the years.

Since retirement we moved away from Seattle out to the farmlands about 100 miles south. A much more relaxed place to live.

One of my other interests is motorcycles.  Bought my first Harley 2 years ago and am terrorizing the area's children and small animals.  My son also has one and we ride all over the state together when he has time.

We also rv.  We have a coach and travel quite a bit around the northwestern area of the country.  It is also useful in sighthound rescue. We can transport whippets around that need to be rescued whenever possible.  We have been involved in sighthound rescue for 15 years and  have 3 whippets of our own.

That's about it.  I am old, rather boring, a horrible guitar player but I love it.  I don't add much in the forum because I don't know much but I am in there reading every day and enjoying it very much.

And remember: Pick your guitar, not your nose.