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    Hi Edgar, Welcome to the forum.
  2. carol m

    Corcovado - Brazillian guitar

    Beautiful! Well done, Mike. Very nice arrangement too.
  3. carol m

    Howdie ya'll

    Hi David, welcome.
  4. carol m

    Looking at AMPS, really confused, need help!

    Hi Paul, even if you can't play guitar yet, the sales people in music stores are usually looking for any excuse to try out their gear. You could take your guitar with you and ask them to demonstrate those amps in your price range using your own guitar. You could then pick the one with the tone you like, and/or the chorus, reverb etc that sound good to you.
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    Hi Graham - welcome.
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    New kid in town

    Welcome to the forum JvW
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    New to the forum

    Hi Ste, welcome
  8. carol m

    Here & Gone

    Hey Keith! Good to hear from you & that you are recording again. There's some fancy picking going on in places and your off-sider Lewis holds everything together with his base playing. I reckon it's sometimes good to write & sing about difficult subjects.
  9. carol m

    Top 5 Slide players, then top 50

    Hi Texred, some of the old members still hang out here, I suppose hoping that it will regain some more members that post and participate. It's true that this place used to be fantastic in the old days. I suppose people eventually move on or lose interest in playing guitar - life happens and sometimes that means priorities change. Also the Forum site has been pared down a bit which makes it easier to run but less likely to attract more members who participate & keep it alive. Some of us still hang out here & refuse to let it die. Where have you been?? OK, I see that you joined quite recently but weren't you a member a few years ago as well?
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    New Member - Introduction

    Hi sms_guitar - welcome, Dell.
  11. Kirk's lessons with gp files on site here are all transcribed by Kirk, by hand.
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    Hi there, ralmaru, or do you prefer to be called Tony? Welcome.
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    Hey fello guitar players

    Welcome to the forum, Guitar Goober.
  14. Welcome Popster. 50 is not old for anything.
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    Hello Novice, I can't personally advise you on your question, but I'm sure other members will be responding soon. Welcome to the forum.
  16. Very nice, Mikko - the playing, recording, and video production
  17. carol m

    Hello from Canada

    Hi Mark, perseverance always pays off. Welcome
  18. Hi glober, you have come to the right place! If you click on the Lessons tab at the top of the pages, you will see lists of all the lessons. However click again on the menu at the top of that page for videos and text on The Guitar, What is Music, Chords and Playing. IF you work through them you will get a good grounding in music and guitar playing. Also Kirk's DVD and book called Plane Talk is useful for getting to 'see' the fretboard in ways that make it easier to visualize the layout of the fretboard for playing and improvising. That will get you started. Welcome to the Forum.